Many are already aware of the unique day happening on the 6th of June when Priscilla Presley arrives in Budapest to be present at the Wonder of You – tour, she also welcomes the message to the Hungarian fans.  Although Elvis is no longer among us for over four decades, his music, voice, personality, left huge imprint that the Elvis fans will never forget. As part of the show, the audience can enjoy the original video and sound recordings on a huge projector.

Budapest is the only capital that called public space for the late singer. Recently, Priscilla Presley herself spoke up to support the Hungarian fans who want to restore the statue for Elvis the legend in the 20th century.

Budapest gained an exclusive “club membership” when mentioning his support for the Hungarians in 1956 for its revolutionary. Although tens of thousands of people have already received as their first name to be Elvis, only few cities can boast Presley public areas.

He probably never would have had thought that decades after the death of a consecrated space named after him in Hungary and once there will be a statue. No one has come close to taking his place away int he Musicville from the Rock and Roll and Country singer like Elvis.

Elvis bears a lake, a street and a square in Germany.  Presley lived in a small town in Bad Nauheim for one and a half-year from where he went to Friedberg every day. Now two towns are competing for Elvis’s real German home and, of course, both have Elvis Platz, or Elvis Square.

They call a whole lake of the King, in the State of Mississippi, near Tupca, where Elvis was born. The picturesque lake, beside the campers’ favorite and the campfire, are very often accompanied by Elvis’s songs

Elvis Presley’s greatest successes of the scene, Las Vegas, inaugurated already relatively small Elvis Presley Boulevard in 2017, which is located next to his former residence. The street was originally called Riviera.

Elvis Presley probably never would have thought that  forty decades after the death a consecrated space named after him in Hungary. Could be that once there will be a statue with a guitar in his hands or a stripe T-shirt blowing up the house in the Jail House Rock.

No one has come close in taking his place away from the Rock and Roll and Country singer like Elvis.

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