Pentecost at the Castle Garden Bazaar – 2018

Herczku Ágnes folk singer – photo by _BacsiRobertLaszlo

Summer in the City … Festival season on the go!

May, 19. – 21. 2018.

The Várkert Bazaar has a three-day program series waiting for those who wish to relax at the long weekend of Pentecost. Free open-air family programs are available at Ybl Miklós Square and Neo-Renaissance Garden: handicrafts, various toys and concert halls. There will be a handicraft fair, and gastronomic experiences will be provided by streetfoods. In the evenings, star guitarists give a free concert, including Radics Gigi, Kelemen Coat and Hiperkarma. Hello Wood is again guaranteed by Hello Wood: after the puffy eggs, giant swings will decorate the Ybl Miklós space, which visitors can try out!

Participation to the programs are free of charge.

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