Rolling to Ipolytarnóc Palaeontological Site – 2018.

Hologram, mobile app and canopy trail!

Spring brought new experiences to  families visiting Ipolytarnóc.

With its innovative and unique experiences, the Bükki National Park Directorate has expanded the tourist offer of Ipolytarnóc Palaeontological Site for the 2018 season in order to provide a variety of programs for families and for groups.

A renewed canopyAt the end of April, the foliage walkway opens to the guests with new line and new experiences. The canopy in the foliage-level has received a new structure in recent weeks, and after its track has changed, offers new opportunities to explore the natural values ​​of the area. The renewed study trail can be used by purchasing a special ticket in opening hours of the palaeontology exhibition.

Hologram projections revive the prehistoric animals in ancient footprints. One of the most spectacular programs for visitors at Ipolytarnóc Palaeontological Site was at the end of the geological study tour. During the course of the guided tour, visitors pass the shark-toothed shallow-sea layers, then they can see the famous fossilized pine-tree, and then introduce they will introduced to the footprint area left over by the volcanic catastrophe. So far, the guided tour program has been ended by a 3D projection where animals with footprints could be seen individually. The innovation of 2018 is the renewal of the demonstration on the footprint.The new hologram animation shows animals at their life-size and just on the spot where they moved before the volcanic catastrophe. The new technology lets us to identify properly the “owners” of the hundreds of footprints, and the life-size animation helps us to better imagine their moving and behavior.

Nature interpretation trail accessible via mobile application In the autumn of 2017, Android and IOS app stores were launched by the Bükk National Park Directorate GUIDE @ HAND, which helped in developing a smart phone information system in the area that helps guests in discovering the area by their own and in planning even longer tours.When selecting a platform, it was very important that the application could be used offline – the site is located directly on the Hungarian-Slovak border where neither Hungarian nor Slovak mobile networks are available. The Bükk National Park Directorate GUIDE @ HAND app therefore offers maps, downloadable maps, and downloadable hiking trails for smart phones and tablets. The framework program also allows guests to take photos, recordings, or even videos without leaving the application, which can then be saved  in their own experience store or even shared on the community channels as a route experience.

The GUIDE @ HAND Bükk National Park Directorate is not only useful tool for discovering the prehistoric remains of Ipolytarnóc. Several other nature interpretational trails of Nógrád County are already available by the application, as the goal is to provide the introduction of full touristic offer of the cross-border Novohrad-Nógrád Geopark. Our plan is to provide in Ipolytarnóc the choise of multi-day geo-touristic packages for visitors in Nógrád County.

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