The goalkeeper of Liverpool FC became the latest brand face of Pepsi!

The Hungarian goalkeeper became the Liverpool FC latest face of Pepsi!

Ádám Bogdán believes in, if you are training, you should pay attention to the smallest details. For example, to what to drink, that does not contain extra calories.

After 12 years, first working again with the Pepsi Hungarian footballer, as related to the new calorie-free Pepsi Lime and Wild Cherry flavors appearance of Ádám Bogdán has become the face of soft drink brand. In football, as a subject, of course, is no stranger to the brand, since over the years invested heavily in the company’s global and national level to ensure that the product name is linked to one of the most popular team sport, but for years Bogdán, the first Hungarian footballer who is the brand face.
We remember worldwide broadcast of this decade, street soccer spectacular advertising films, skipjack or the legal standing of the international superstar from Pepsi “football-gladiators”… Don’ we? From Beckham to Tottenham, Ronaldinho, even Roberto Carlos, Fernando Torres, and Zoltán Gera, who both appeared in the media as Pepsi’s face in recent years. Now-a-days our national team and Liverpool goalkeeper, Ádám Bogdán, is joining such football stars in Pepsi’s latest campaign.

As he admitted: Q.: “For me, the most enduring ever unforgettable Pepsi advertising was hiding a Juventus supporter guy who had requested Beckham’s T-shirt to wipe his can of Coke. I think the brand has always been very well reaching this topic”. This recall was just one of the iconic advertising. The excellent goalkeeper took part in a national Pepsi photo shoot days, which threw himself enthusiastically into the extraordinary tasks.

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