Giorgio Pressburger (1937-2017) – document screening – Italian Cultural Insitution

Monday, 6 p.m. FEBRUARY, 5. 2018.

Special event screening – remembering Giorgio Pressburger (1937-2017)

Mauro Caputo’s: Message for the Century 2013.

Federico Fellini Hall – Italian Cultural Institute

District, VIII. 8. Bródy Sándor Street – Budapest

Participants in the film: Viviana de Grisogono Pressburger, Mauro Caputo and many other shows the adventurous life of a recent writer, director, playwright and journalist, one of the most prominent figure in Italian and international cultural life through the major historical events that have changed the history and which personally affected the protagonist with great influence on his life and his works. There are historical events in the movie, such as the Second World War, the Jewish Holocaust (Shoah), the 1956 Hungarian revolution, the Cold War, which Pressburger speaks about in Trieste through a long interview at nice place venues as: at the Rossetti Film Festival where he began his theatrical directorial career and in the cafeteria “Storico Caffè San Marco”, where he recalled with his friend Claudio Magris the past times and their fruitful cultural cooperation. Fifty minutes of the film features film details, contemporary photographs and newspapers featuring Alfredo Lacosegliaz‘s sensational music and Claudio Magris’s friendly contribution.

Pressburger’s previous films: The Clock of Monaco, The Fragrance of Time of Fables, Behind the Dark, Calderón.  Awards: Campiello Prize at Selección Especial del Jurado, silver tape for documentaries: Career Award. Markings: Premio Campiello

The screening is in original language with english subtitles

Enter: Free, but mandatory reservation is needed:


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