The 13th Jewish Cultural Festival – Szeged

The 13th Jewish Cultural Festival
September, 3. – November, 4. 2017.

The Renovated New Synagogue  – 10 Jósika Street at Szeged.

Looking for an excursion during the autumn of 2017 outside of the Capital, then a good opportunity is to visit Szeged at this time of the year, when the Jewish Cultural Festival is to explore as well.
Any case keep in mind it is around the Holidays Season, worth to check visiting hours. The pray house is can e visited five days week except Saturdays and Jewish Holidays.

Also offers gastronomic delights, cultural treats and recreation opportunities. Discover the third largest city of Hungary, the picturesque town of Szeged, just 170 kms south of Budapest.

The monumental art nouveau style Synagogue is a must-see with its large doors and ornate carvings. Being the second largest synagogue in Hungary, its dome rises almost 160 feet. Lipot Baumhorn designed the building, while the attractive stained glass was the work of Miksa Roth. The kaleidoscopic design of the dome’s interior symbolizes the world. The door of the Ark of Covenant is magnificently decorated, representing the hyssop plant. The soaring interior provides space and light, while the magnificent organ (2317 pipes, 2 keyboards) fills the temple with sound.

The amazing building with impressive size is famous for its painted glass windows, the harmonising ornaments of Ivory white, blue and gold, the closing stone of the altar, which was carved of marble from Jerusalem and the 18 Torah scrolls treasured here. Every year, Szeged hosts an Autumn Jewish Cultural Festival with concerts, art exhibitions, book launches about the Hungarian Jewish culture and other performances from all around the world. During the Jewish Cultural Festival an Israeli Movie Week is awaiting the visitors in the Szeged Synagogue. Visiting the city of Szeged is not just a one day trip. The venues and sights offering a culture tour and showing lifestyle of people living on the Southern Great Plain.

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