Pesti Vigadó – Historic Walk for Free!


Free-to-attend Program

Pesti Vigadó will open its gates to the general public on Saturday, September, 16. 2017., and will offer free entry to its current exhibitions (Timeline of Pesti Vigadó, The First 40 Years, Layers of Art – Le latitudinal dell’arte) and will also organise free-to-attend guided tours and other colourful events on that special day.

Treat yourself to a tour to explore the beautiful interior of Pesti Vigadó, get acquainted with the history of the building and be impressed by the staggering view from its Panoramic Terrace. With the help of Pesti Vigadó’s well-prepared tour guides, those registering for the free-to-attend guided tours will have the opportunity to explore this most beautiful architectural relic of Hungarian romanticism.

Guided tour is estimated to take 60 minutes. Participants of each tour will meet in the ground floor based Foyer at times specified as the start times of such tours. Participants will also be awaited by surprises!

Be advised that the guided tours will also take you to non visitor-accessible areas and other areas that are only partly open to the public.

The tours will accommodate a maximum of 30 people and you are asked to register in advance to secure your place. So because the limited number of participating guest is given, it is recommended to register as early as possible thereby securing yourself a place to visit the rooms, halls and exhibitions in the building at  the Pesti Vigadó’s free-to-attend guided tours, on this special day through or call (+36) 1 328-3325.

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