Zsolnay Light Festival – Pécs – 2017

At least 60,000 visitors attended the Zsolnay Light Festival at Pécs between June, 30 and July, 2. 2017.

The first light festival in Hungary was once again a huge success. Indeed: the Zsolnay Light Festival has grown into the most significant festival of Pécs in just two years.

Flying airfields over 30 meters high above Széchenyi Square, impressive light works, open-air concerts and new-town performances on 26 locations attracted visitors. In the Glitter Room, 1200 visitors made glittering jewels and accessories, enjoying an active participation at the festival. The association of Sienta la Cabeza had never worked in the rainy weather but the Pécs festival was so impressed that they did not even notice the frightening showers on Friday and made a huge number of extravagant, shiny hairs that were one of the most popular elements of the festival. They admitted  their wish was to create a unique one that can not be seen anywhere in the country nor anywhere around the world.

In addition to the colorful programs, the cream on top of the cake was the international light work sparkling at Pécs and the painters high quality professional work were very much appreciated by the folks rolling by these venues.

On Saturday, the winner of the Zsolnay Light Art 3D mapping competition was announced.

The international light festivals competition was the central attraction of the Zsolnay Light Festival, during which the nine light painters presented the work at the Cathedral on the facade and the latest addition to the festival’s professional partners.

Those how missed this year’s festival of Light at Pécs, hopefully may visit these splendid colorful city of lights next year.

The jury’s and voted visitors prize were:

The first prize was won by Spanish Ricardo Cancado with his work Sacred Geometry,

The second  went to: Italian Alessio Cassaro Luminarium,

The third was received by EPER Creative Studio, Zoltán Varga’s work: Dive (Zuhanás).

The audience prize was highly awarded to the Italian Hermes Hangialardo Liquidshades.

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