Budapest – 1st. World of Coffee – HUNGEXPO – 2017.

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Indeed…  true rare occasion where many people congregate to sample the world’s best coffee!

At first hand-roll through and enjoy the slide show maybe you will see yourself!

As it was indicated by the organizing committee … was expected to be at the Coffee Community in Budapest a very special event. It surely was, whereas featuring 2500 exhibitors, displaying 234 booths with a mixture from 100 worldwide producing coffee beans countries and approximately 7000 visitors/day by local and foreigners to hang around for three full days of thrilling competitions, impressive symposium, seminars, educational workshops and packed social programs filled with plenty of entertainment, excitement and fun. The interactive exhibition with over 200 of the world’s most innovative coffee industry suppliers attracted visitors.

Budapest is the first major city in Central and Eastern Europe where Europe’s most distinguished coffee event took place provided by the HUNGEXPO. The guests country was Mexico, one of the largest coffee producer in the world, that is why for many Mexico stands for „The land of Coffee”... as Italy stands for “The land of Espresso” .

The main sponsor of the event was the BWT water + more, Europe’s leading water technology business, a key player in the Hungarian water treatment.

Beside the coffee shows and exhibitions, in the five racing categories was the bartenders  fight was tight … had to pull up their sleeves and perform their best. Unfortunately, there were no Hungarian victories in the top competition, but regardless of that, everyone applause for the success of the other countries staff.  Hold on cause in 2018, Amsterdam will be the next venue for World of Coffee – a new opportunity to call for coffee lovers and not get into them mood for good coffee for those locals.

World Latte Art … Milk art is nothing more than the artistic way of producing and pouring milk foam. In this category, barista demonstrate their ability, expertise and creativity, which was limited by their imagination. In 2017 World Latte Art World Champion – Thitiprasert Arnon -Thailand.

World Coffee in Good Spirits
In this category, coffee and alcohol play the key role – innovative recipes, barista and mixer skills. The palette of works ranges from traditional Irish coffee (whiskey and coffee) to unique cocktail combinations. In 2017 World Coffee in Good Spirits World Champion – Martin Hudak – Slovakia.

World Brewers Cup  Only national winners can represent their own nation at this event. The task of the bartenders was to make coffee drinks using filter technology. At the same time, the contestants had to prepare their own coffee and the coffee designated by the organizers for each jury member. The most important points of scoring are aroma, flavor, aftertaste, acidity, body, balance and TDS, that is, the content of the total solute. In 2017 World Brewers Cup World Champion – Chad Wang – Taiwan.

World Cup Tasters Championship … This event was about tasting coffee, it is a test of senses and knowledge. The “cuppper” does not have to recognize the origin and type of coffees, but should choose the one cup that does not have the same coffee as the other two. In the event of difficulty, competitors must have had similar characteristics, often sorted out from the same cultivated area to decide. In 2017 World Cup Tasters World Champion – Lok Chan – Hong Kong.

Cezve / Ibrik World Championship …The contestants were preparing and presenting Turkish coffee drinks for the jury. In this case, Turkish coffee refers to the way coffee is made. Cezve, Ibis is a pot that is specifically used to make a certain style of coffee in Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. The body of a long handle may be metal, copper or pottery.  In 2017 Cezve / Ibrik World Champion – Karthikeyan Rajendran, -United Arab Emirates.

The prizes  ceremony took place late afternoon to the “Best New Product” on the 13th June. The  recognition was  the development of new products that represent quality, value-added for specialty coffee and tea industry. From the Special Coffees Association (SCA), Ric Rhineland, CEO/Chairman and President Paul Stack, welcomed the Hungarian and international press at the exclusive Mexican tasting. Both senior executives called it a great success, one of Budapest’s premiers of the Central European capitals, the first to welcome the revitalizing Hungarian coffee culture, In view of this, the organizers have compiled a downloadable Budapest coffee map.
Ric Rhinehart, since 2007 one of the top head of the SCA, before that, for more than 25 years has held senior positions in companies engaged in tea and coffee. He has been designing, developing and manufacturing a wide range of tea and coffee products, while co-authoring the introductory book on premium teas entitled “Tea Basics” – 1998. He is a founding member of the American Premium Tea Institute, and was also a president.
President of the SCA, Paul Stack addition to professional SCAE (Specialty Coffee Association Europe) Trainer, a member for eight years in the Committee of the SCAE Education, the SCAE “Coffee Diploma System” development of key designer, lead author of the SCAE ‘Brewing’ curriculum, the SCAE ” Gold Cup Research “.

The main sponsor of the event, Europe’s No. 1 expert in water technology BWT water + more was represented by CEO Dr. Frank Neuhausen and sales manager Petró Vera BWT Hungaria Ltd. For over 18 years have had been committed to quality coffee, supporting the market with professional water optimization, specifically for coffee and other hot drinks.

The first World of Coffee in Budapest, which was regarded as a great success by organizers, exhibitors and, of course, Hungarian and international audiences as well.

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