Hungary Settlements – National Sailing Regatta Festival – Siófok – Lake Balaton 2017

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Alsóörs is the winner of the 13th National Regatta sailing competition this year.

In complex urban settlement, Baja took the main prize.

Directly before the race, the organizers gave a short presentation. László Dónucz, Sales and Traffic Director of BAHART, and the President of the National Regatta Organizing Committee said that plans are to be annually organized this event and traded every year. Answering the Q.,  said that according to their plans would like to invite foreign participants from the neighbouring border and from other European countries to the National Sailing Festival. Of course, for a 2 day event, can only make up to 50 sailer per day because of the time limited. This year, Géza Kondor – Mayor of Révfülöp has made the first step by inviting the Polish sister city Major – Sebastian Czwojda of Gmina Krobia, who was also present on the water and on the ground with his crew members every moment of the competition and with the Polish cooks. The Révfülöp  and the Polish team rolled together on the waves at Lake Balaton. Also highlighted, the major different between the two National competition saying,  while the horse riders have to bring their own horses here at Lake Balaton no need to bring their own sailboat, cause the organizers provide (elan 310 – OneDesign – vessels of the same type)  by the Hungarian Sailing Federation for the settlement teams the same made sailboats to each competitor team the  with the captain on board.  The crew are set up by the settlements themselves.

At  Siófok gathered 50 settlements of Hungary in the sailboats on Lake Balaton, and in 29 condors, 14 villages battle on the Sió channel with dragon boats.

In addition, there were countless interesting, spectacular, exciting and free programs waiting for everyone interested in Siófok at the ship  port and its surroundings. On Saturdays and Sundays, the National Regatta – The Settlement of the Settlements of Hungary  This was also the first season-opening family weekend of the summer.

In the sailing competition of the settlements the following result was finally achieved in the finals:
1st: Alsóörs – 2nd: Balatonboglár – 3rd Csopak – 4th Füzér  – 5th Baja and 6th Szentes.

In the next season’s season, National Regatta Alsóörs  – 2018  will float on Lake Balaton.

The dragon boat race called a total of 14 municipalities.The gold medal was received by “Balatonföldvár”  on the rows of cannons,  while “Baja” also conspired with the glittering silver medal.  The 3rd: Balatonmáriafürdő – 4th Komárom.

As indeed it was a very close competition, so the jury allocated three special prize, which were given to municipalities Gyöngyös, Szentes and Révfülöp.

Those who visited the remarkable festival had an excellent opportunity to get to know more about the settlements from around Hungary whom  presented their own tourist destinations, tourist attractions, programs and cooked their own gastronomic to  welcome the public visitors and each one another. The organizers made sure that this settlement marketing task would be taken seriously by everyone.

The jury and the prizes were rewarded at both stalls and at the stage … Stage performances and performances: 1st  Cegléd –  2nd Balatonboglár – 3rd  Siklós … Settler Stand Beauty Contest: 1st Dunaharaszti – 2nd  Makó – 3rd Zirc.

Of course, on the main stage not only the settlements were introduced. There was a high number of local and foreigner visitors to be interest of the Margaret Island, Honeybeast’s performance, and the Sunday Hooligans concert almost filled the whole port station and its surroundings.

On Sunday afternoon the 2 days  were aggregated results which team started the most number in competitions and achieved excellent results. Finally,  the organizers  handed over to the winner the National Regatta Main Prize to the town Baja

On both days from the early morning hours up till the late continuously a mass  crowed of visitors were present.  They could see that contrary to popular belief, sailing is not just for the rich but everyone’s sport.
On board sailboats and at the Siofok shipyard, participants from 50 settlements were present. Participated public actors without a sailing routine. Participants in the economy, culture, art, politics, sport, or ordinary people who have been playing on water and ground for two days, cooking on stage, dancing on the stage, shouting and laughing and representing a pure heart to the crowd of audiences.
Update and snaps Aggie Reiter
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