Herald News – The Zsolnay Light Festival – Certified European Festival.

JUNE, 30 – JULY, 2. 2017.

City of Pécs

The Zsolnay Light Festival at the City of  Pécs won the title of Qualified European Festival, the one of the most sophisticated European certification organizations  was justified by the EFFE -Europe for Festivals – Festivals for Europe.

Winning the festival certification is a huge joy for the city and gives further impetus to even continue the ongoing quality work at a higher level.

The high-quality art represents a new festival in Pécs, and have a significant impact on the local, national and international levels. Furthermore, in the future other events would be drawing attention to the city on the Hungarian map.

The Zsolnay Light Festival brings together truly a festival venue that represent their own communities and as well the European and international relations. The criteria system focuses on how much the festival focuses on the local community, develops their creative skills, engages local organizations and citizens.

The title, the Zsolnay Light Festival also received the rating logo, which indicates that the event was recognized by the profession at European level. The festival has been added via the EFFE website to an international database containing the most important European festivals. In addition, the Zsolnay Light Festival is competing for the Great European Festival Prize, which represents an even higher level on the international palette.

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