Robert Mapplethorpe documentary film – Budapest Rooftop Cinema – 2016.


“Look at the Pictures” (2016)

Budapest Rooftop Cinema

9 p.m.  – Thursday, June, 9. 2016.

Runtime: 1H. 20 min.

A great kicked off to the summer season at the Budapest Rooftop Cinema will be pre-screening the  “Look at the Pictures” (2016) distributed by the Hungarian Ant Community of Mapplethorpe. The iconic and controversial photographer Robert Mapplethorpe is profiled in this documentary directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato. The documentary film is not just for the photography enthusiasts, but for all those who are interested of a non everyday movie.

Countrywide cinemas  will be officially screening the documentary from June, 16. 2016. The fascinating portrait of one of the most controversial photographers of the twentieth century. It might be reckless to reduce an artist’s life and work to a single observation, the magic key that unlocks everything, but in the case of Robert Mapplethorpe there is a pronounced duality in the themes and subjects depicted, graphically stylized black-and-white photographs. Even the most shocking, blocked images are shown in the original, exactly as the artist wanted.

The young British actor Matt Smith playing the role as the photographer Robert Mapplethorpe. Matt Smith name is known from the Doctor Who movie as Doctor Who. Patti Smith‘s character, who had a stormy romantic relationship and later became a lifelong pal with the well-known gay Mapplethorpe. In the documentary film Zosia Mamet will portray her.

The Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures documentary was the first authentic, full-length portrait about Robert Mapplethorpe,  the American photo artist who died of AIDS in 1989.

Mapplethorpe’s  … “prophet or the devil himself” … pictures are shocking but not even close to his scandalous life.

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