Barefoot Musicians at the Zwack Museum – Budapest – 2016.


Baroque Couplet – offering special entertainment.

Friday, April, 29 2016.

7.30 p.m.

This year will be on show for the first night of series of the four quarters.


An evening show with „Barefoot Musicans” giving a joint concert at the Zwack Museum and Visitor Center in Budapest.

During the Fall of 2014 Zwack Museum and Visitor Center launched music program, in which each season a different musical journey is taken the visitors to classical music at this special venue.

The aim of the joint concerts encounters between different branches of music.  In addition, every concert is preceded by a special program, which means an hour before the performances, visitors may have the pleasure to have an insight into the context of a museum. The tour enchanting old distillery, the “Unicum’s heart.”

The Baroque couplet title itself refers to the strong contrast that characterizes the structure of the music concert. The most beautiful concert to be on show with Baroque aria and Hungarian chansons of the past century. Even though the world sound is pretty different to the extreme sentimental reflection, yet is will surely fill the air with entertainment.

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