LIDL – health screening test program – Hungary

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Hello Health  program by the LIDL … the well known German food chain in Europe.

Visited the Lidl’s press meeting, which was on the topic of health. The health screening program was introduced by Pál Győrfi – ambulance service spokesman. The riport on  features of the mobile vehicle was held by Csaba Kassai – economic – managing director of Lidl Hungary. During the presentations, heard detailed statistics background of the Hungarian population caring about their health, which showed a picture how low is the number of folks who for sack not to go regularly having screening their own health. The excuses always have had many backgrounds … lack of time, long waiting list for screenings and the length of time before receiving the results from the health care institutions. BUT the reason might be who wants to know what tomorrow may bring. The Hello Health program, by the Lidl thinks it differently and is unique by itself in Hungary as we were introduced to see the modernly equipped mobile health screening in all respects, having  premises like the dentist, ultrasound, 12-lead electrocardiogram – (EC)G, blood test, healthy eating, healthy body image,dentist, ultrasound, annual screening, healthy body image. By this mobile health assessment, will be able to screen their employees across all the Lidl stores in the country. Within these facilities will help the company’s employees to obtain a clearer picture, condition of their health. Not to mention for both sides saving the loss of working time it all comes at the „doorstep” of the employees. The Hello Health mobile screening vehicle has already screen 200 employees at the Lidl’s parking area and within a short time to the examinations the folks received the analysed test results printed on the spot. Lidl health screening test program is one of the most comprehensive corporate program to preserve the health of the workers. Wouldn’t it be nice, if more-and-more Hungarian and foreigners companies recognize the importance of this kind of health care to their workers. If you do not have the opportunity to participate in the work support field then keep in mind, pay attention to your own health.

You’re not the only one who has fears to have screening tests. It is easier to prevent than just to carry your mind, attention away from the subject.

Many people are afraid to go to the doctor and freak out of hearing something they  perhaps do not want to face the bad results. Therefore they decide better skip to make any appointments. In principle, everyone should at least once a year take part in similar programs, but unfortunately this is by no means manage to everyone.

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