Rolling on the tracks – MÁV Nostalgic Train Budapest – Esztergom – Budapest

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Living through experience on board at the  series of  events!

András Szendrey, word-by-word a real railway man. He got addicted with the rolling wheels on the track many decades ago and his love both internal and on international train track routes. For over two decades he is the director of one of the most popular local and tourist outing holiday routes. Here goes the latest rolling with the MÁV – Nostalgic Train abroad surrounded by a company of friends. This was the first rolling train Budapest via Esztergom on September, 11. 2015.

We boarded a train and before leaving the Nyugati Railway Station,  András Szendrey warmly welcomed the “travelling crew” and introduced  the forthcoming programs packed for us. The evening’s hostess t was singer – Lilla Vincze. To get into the rolling mood, Palinka and Chimney cake was served and in the separate music carriage live music and bar to enhance the atmosphere.

Arriving at Esztergom, visited the Esztergom Cathedral, there after at the St. Adalbert Center we have participated  at a short concert given by the hostess – Lilla Vincze – Emerton Prize-winning Hungarian singer and – Attila Dóka  – musician, writer, composer. After the joyful concert attended at a welcome reception given by the center in honor to the traveling visitors.

On the way back „True or False” game with surprise gifts and the Star Holiday group’s  music under the feet to the dancing  addicted folks most probably made the travelers a trip to remember.

By-the-way the voyage is named “Roll with Us” which started with invited media representative, local and foreigner individuals is within the series of events to come. Stay tuned to the forthcoming  rolling on  the tracks with the MÁV Nostalgic Train adventures.

Within the series to the next to coming up experience to the rolling adventures on Saturday, October, 3. 2015, the MÁV – Nostalgic train will be leaving to Dolná Strehová. This is the homeland and where Imre Madách wrote his masterpiece – „The Tragedy of Man”.  Throughout the day will bring to life Imre Madach’s „The Tragady of Man, also an opportunity to have some sightseeing before lunch. Thereafter, paying a visit to the Madach’s Manor House.

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  1. I like this article being utterly thankful for the fortune to have been given the chance to take part. Unforgettable.
    As for the article, lines 9 and 13 from up above contain mis-spellings which darken its value. Instead of “singer” Lilla Vincze is a singerette and not “Lille” but Lilla. Please correct the errors so that the article will be fully entertaining.

    • Hello Zoltán…
      You should consult your dictionary before making claims that are both ridiculous and untrue … The word SINGER is gender free and applies to both sexes, there is no such word recorded in the English language as SINGERETTE. Mind you that our music world had and has wonderful singers as Etta James or Brian Ferry and they need not have to ask to make difference in genders… they are both known as Singers!
      On the bottom line, you might make a difference… I won’t…. tks. for your time with your comment. 🙂

      Perhaps smoked a funny CIGARETTE before taking up your time with his nonsense

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