Herald News – DreherFeszt at the Dreher Brewery – Budapest

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The Dreher Brewery opens its door on  Saturday,  August, 29. from 2 p.m. until 2 a.m. to accommodate local and foreigner beer lovers.

Continuous free shuttle will be available only for on the time being, this one day departing from the Örs Vezér Tér to the DreherFeszt.

The Dreher Breweries location is at

District, X., 7-11 Jászberényi Rd. Budapest.

So don’t bother coming by car … Keep in mind … Drink and Drive does not fit together!

Get into the mood jumping over to the Dreher Beer Factory where for only one day can enjoy yourself  partying out with maybe long-non-seen friends and/or acquaintances at this year’s festival brewery. The plant lies at an enormous venue where on  Saturday, August, 29 a unique of Summertime. At the factory ruin pubs, live and Dj music of all kind will escort you. Superb opportunity o have an insight, to learn the basic such as tapping and how, the way to step-by-step „properly” drink beer. Also a chance to be as a visitor joining a short tour, departing every 20 minutes to have a view of the thematic walls of the Zsolnay porcelain decorated space, to see the everyday life at the tarnished brewery’s cooking house with its historical background.

At the briefing, Gábor Wilheim – Dreher  Brewery premium band manager said.: Q.: „We consider it is important that the Dreher Festival is not just a series of summer festivals in providing this unique site. After having organized last year for the first time this event, proved how successful it was, we decided to do it again … so this is the 2nd year of the DreherFeszt. Bringing a new flow into this year’s programs, will expand DreherFeszt the opt. to draft yourself. Not only provides an opportunity for everyone to master the basic of tapping, but also the only spot featuring beer specialities, i.e. the bold adventure enthusiasts can test themselves with the bitter-citrus Dreher Adventurer tapping, interested pioneers in discovering the flower generous gourmet elderberry flower Dreher FLORAL!Mind you to take on of these before heading to the proper beer.We all received 4 shots of this year’s new flavors and pouring beers from the tapping lady and guy.

In addition into sipping at the „Wonderland of Beers”, five special programs will be awaiting for the visitors … Mixer Truck, Rock sheet, Dubbed Museum and “Komlóterasz” – Terrace of Hops, Ruin Pubs … just like in the downtown of Budapest…  but this here is something that cannot be compared to them  …  in-and-around the 160 years old walls, taking back in time of the daily lives to the history of the factory. For those spending their time from daylight to dark and get a bit tired on the route may loosen up, relax at the Kingswood’s cider corner.

Lively dance music will entertain be on the top of the hops music by: PASO Plays Covers, Honeybeast, Magashegyi Underground and the Caucasus, Beatman&Ludmilla, DJ Izil, Wondawulf and Spanish Wax .

With having the unique venue at the brewery, the concerts will surely give an awesome atmosphere to the event.

The entry ticket cost 1500HUF/ person, which includes three shots of tasting 2 dl beers! Naturally, the invitation goes just for over 18 year’s old individuals!

See you there on Saturday!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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