2015 Red Bull Air Race World Championship roars into life again in Budapest!

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Sixteen days to come!

July, 4-5. 2015.

Red Bull Air Race back in town!

Heard about another highlight to be coming soon that was  announced on Tuesday, June, 17. at the Hard Rock Cafe in Budapest at the press gathering  … This year again after five-year break, the world’s best pilots will zig…zag above the sky over  the River Danube in Budapest – Hungary! 

The worldwide well-known by Red Bull fans pilot – Péter Besenyei will again kick off in style …. above and under the Chain Bridge … in the series of the world’s fastest motor sport with his one-and-only Hungarian made plan, as we heard at to-day’s press conference. He said he is the only pilot in the air race flying without the American-made plans like the other air racers.

In 2009 around 650,000 spectators fully crowed along the banks of the River Danube to watch the breathtaking Air Race World Championship. Most probably after missing this awesome race for so long, the number of visitors to watch the live competition will increase.

Péter Besenyei is a renowned Hungarian aerobatics pilot and world champion air racer. He decided to become a pilot at the age of 15.  He flew a glider for the first time. In 1976  he entered his first flying competition by piloting a glider and showed his talent, finishing in second place.

He won several titles as an aerobatics pilot and in national and international championships. He won his first gold medal in 1982 at the Austrian National Championships. His specialty is free-style aerobatics. He invented a number of original snap rolls. In 1984., introducing his “knife-edge spin” quite a few spectators skipped their breath.  In 1995 Péter Besenyei won 2 gold and 2 silver medals and he was named the most  successful aerobatics pilot of his time. In 2001 for the first time Besenyei flew upside down under the Chain Bridge in Budapest above the River Danube.  It is a maneuver that became a standard in air races to-day…. and naturally he will not leave this performance out at this year’s Red Bull championship.

Update and snap by Aggie Reiter

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