News Flash … 9th “Főzdefeszt” – Street Food Show – June, 5-7. 2015. – Budapest


Venue … Városliget – City Park – Olof Palme promenade.

In just less than a week Hungary’s famous craft-beer festival is rolling along its way again between  at the Városliget – Budapest’s City Park,  which is the second largest public park in the District XIV. The total area is situated on 100 hectares. It has actually about 81 hectares of rich park  with approx. 6500 tree stands with shady canopies. The most elegant historical park where the open-air beer garden will take place.

More to it … probably not on my own by saying one of the biggest periodically arranged open-air beer-garden in the world.

Hungary’s craft-beer scene has seen an incredible growth in the last few years and even gaining more-and-more speed-up! The Főzdefeszt – Craft Beer Festival has grown from being an average festival of attracting 10.000 visitors to a mass-celebration with 40-50000 individuals twice a year. Főzdefeszt is the greatest gastronomical event of Hungary.

Despite the huge growth the Főzdefeszt is not an average beer festival, had managed to preserve its original peaceful and amiable character … no roaring music, nor second-hand pop stars, nor grunting pig gangs,  nor quantitative drinking,  nor short drinks, nor binge-drinking and most importantly neither crappy beer.

binge-drinking. Főzdefeszt is just becoming a professionally organized quality event. This is the first time to deploy the branded glasses ruling out the ugly, inappropriate and pollutant plastic-mugs.

A must-visit venue, … if wish to know where Hungarian beer is heading … if you want to taste several new breweries sprung up throughout the winter, or  … if  interested to check out how the old favors had improved and kept their qualities.

For the third time, they organize the festival together within their twin-festival, Street Food Show, the best and original street-food fare in Budapest. Also managed to pull the scenes together just like a few years ago the Főzdefeszt did it with the breweries.

On the spot there will be 50 beer-stands showcasing around 200 brews,  as well as 30 food-vendors, that will offer everything that will surely catch the eyes and taste.

Opening hours: Friday, June, 5.,   3 p.m.  June, 6. 2 a.m.
Saturday, June, 6. Noon  – June, 7., 2 a.m.
Sunday, June, 7., Noon  – Midnight

Free entry … just to buy a “Főzdefest” glass for beer drinking.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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