Rowing in Budapest! … Danube Regatta!

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Splashing Rowing on the River Danube!

  Sports Festival Of The Year!

Saturday, April, 25. 2015.

Before getting into deep Herald News, here are some figures to make your day … Two top US universities,  rowers on the water 324, 36,000 meters down the River Danube, A number of 3470  beat sound on  the dragon boats.  With 1684 supporters, also counting on cca. 13000 visitors. Up to 26 Bayside programs around with 20 extreme sports, 10 music programs having 5 finalists. These were the figures to the coming up third Danube Regatta, so we heard at the press conference at the Danube Whale Center inside the “Esetleg” Bar and Bistro house. “On board” was present: Anikó Gorácz  – press officer – Antall József Knowledge Center, Péter Jánosi – president – Hungarian Dragon Boat Association, Bendegúz Petersburg-Molnár – European rower champion, hosted by Gábor Gundel Takács.

The Harvard  and Princeton rowers team from the States will be participating – rowing in the Danube Regatta competition. Rowers and dragon boats will swarm the most picturesque section of the Danube. Professional and amateur teams will race off against each other and the champions of last year’s Regatta, between the Parliament building and the main building of Budapest University of Technology.  For the time being of the programs traffic on the river will be stopped.

This huge water-sports event is by the patron of Colleen Bell – US Ambassador to Hungary who will be present to open the event on Saturday, April, 25. 2015.

The whole event is organised by the Antall Knowledge Center.  The basic idea of Hungary’s biggest sports festival was called three years ago  for several purposes … on one hand to promote the sporty lifestyle among the youths and to light up so many ways … options the venue of the River Danube can be used.

At the Danube Regatta races, two in a rowing race finals of six Hungarian and two US universities professional racers drive consisting of eight ships will be participating. The starts goes off  in front of the Parliament Building and the finish line will be in front of the Technical University of Buda at the new K-building.

Another interesting competition to the program is to draw the attention and spread the news, which promises to the dragon boat race. Péter Jánosi, president –  Hungarian Dragon Boat Association, said: 12 boats within two USA, three and nine provincial capital’s boats on the water.  University of enthusiastic amateurs recruited 18-strong team from a total of more than 200 students will be measured by volume. Each team is has skilled drummer and drive control, the preparation, the team-building exercise at their disposal will be at the „Lágymányosi Bay” on the open waters of the Danube. The organizers calling this event “The year’s sports festival in Hungary”. The water sports fans will be awaited, especially to see and cheer at this unique rowing sport.  extreme sports to challenge those who wish to try themselves how skillful  they are. After the gripping Danube Regatta  competition there will be no full stop,  plenty of musical programmes will continue throughout the evening until late-late night, with giving the beat to the  Intim Torna Illegál band, the Sound of the University with the sing-off contest, dancing to the beat of the DJ Whiteboy closing the big party.

As the press conference ended there was a choice for a voluntary participation  to measure his/her rowing power against Bendegúz Petersburg-MolnárEuropean rower champion, rowing on a special rowing ergo meter bench off  on a 200-meter run. Despite the fact that the candidate was above the fifties, received 100-meter run advantage from Bendegúz and even though he at the finish line rowed in first. Here the victory was not important. Indeed the candidate got slightly sweaty and said at the end it is not so easy to paddle as it seems.

Here are the participating rowers at the Danube Regatta: The Andrássy Gyula German University (AUB), the Corvinus University of Budapest (CUB), the  Budapest Business School (BBS), the Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BME), the  Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), the National Public Service University (NCU), the Catholic University (PPKE), the Semmelweis University (SE), the University of Physical Education (TD), the University of Pécs (PTE), the  Széchenyi István University (KAU), the University of Szeged (Szeged),  Two  American universities … the eternal rival teams from the Harvard and the Princeton University!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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