TAP FACTORY … Tapping Guys talking with their happy – fast feet … Hungary tour!


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No doubt,  the Tap Factory will be brought to Hungary  with world’s renowned tap dancers, tapping at its highest possible technical level.

This crew brings fierce rhythms with their contemporary tap dance production. Their beating is perfect and the sounds “trickle off their feet” just like tap should be.

Tapping guys arriving for the first to Hungary. Their debut start off at the City of Pécs on April, 13, at the Pécs Kodály Center. The comes the City of Veszprém, on April,14 at the Arena and the last chance to catch up with them will be on April,19  twice (3 p.m. and 8 p.m.)  for the Capital’s audience to tap their foot along with these guys at the  Budapest Congress Center.

What to expect … performing non-stop … the art of percussion, combination of dance and acrobatics. A show is full of humor as the eight men on barrels, car rims, traffic signs, “urban drums” and naturally on the two feet dictates the pulsating rhythm, which sometimes forcefully, sometimes accompanied by light ismooth steppe, acrobatics and dance unique combination throughout the show. The TAP FACTORY holds a breathtaking spectacular production, even keeping your eyes… ears… open, still pretty hard to follow these full leg guys as they spin around the stage.

Who is curious about this performance of what can the Tap Production show will be able to see something familiar to the Stomp, the Lord of the Dance or the Cirque du Soleil, but their Tap Show is unique by itself even though can trace some elements may be seen in those other performances. Well surely a little bit of mixture in the Tap’s awesome attractions. Among the team members will be Wold Champion tap dancers, as Gilles Guent and Jeremie Champagne.  Who else (!?!) … urban dancers and capoeira dancers, Cuban and African percussion and French circus acrobats.  The tap dance choreographer and director – Vincent  Pausanias is a multi-award winner of this very successful and passionate production. The show’s producer – Patrice Marques name might be familiar to many with such shows as Stomp or David Copperfield productions.

By the end of the show many may will feel like doing some tapping steps on their way home. Why not … go for it!

Better be quickie for those folks who would not like to miss this superb production and purchase ticket before they are out of reach in Hungary. In Europe already have sold out tours!

Here you go: http://www.jegy.hu/search?q=Tap+Factory

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