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Now the countdown has begun three hundred … and some more days to come for the next  year’s ‘SweetDays”

Overall overview of  some chocolate exhibitors to be kept in mind!

Now … Different people have different taste. Most of us are chocolate lovers … why wouldn’t we be … some folks are simply chocoholic individuals or others rather open a bottle of champagne arriving home. The  “Sweet Days” surely managed to satisfy everyone’s  personal taste in the role according to their tastes. These 4 days of sweets and candy was  an awesome tour in the field of Hungarian and international chocolate. As it was said at many stands: “When we taste chocolate, we need to use all four senses: see, feel, smell and taste the chocolate.  So the four days of being at the “chocoville” was a  sweet adventure and probably reached its goal by presenting  all the makers of their best.  During the four “Sweet Days” gathering, the flowery, fruity, nutty and spicy characters dipped, coated in chocolate were out to be discovered.

Mentioning some brands to be “discovered” or just to “upload –  fill” your chocolate shelves.


Company is five years  carrying on in the business. First they started with the beer range and the  just 2 years ago implemented  to extent high quality sweets and chocolates in the scale to be distributors. Could be I have never sawn a huge, wide selection, variety of  sweets and chocolates than visiting their stand.  It was like being at Disneyland, not knowing which way to look at their stand. Such a mass of sweets  you just didn’t know what to choice. They have recently opened their web retailers store!  If this sounds good for you then here you go:[mid]=2


The Austrian Mozart chocolate comes with marzipan inside and lasts longer in your mouth!

At the stand Mr. Elemér Farkas introduced some flavors then talked about his project” the Chocolate Museum. Even through in the video Mr. Farkas is speaking in  Hungarian language,  prehaps  watching the video it can be easy to follow, the museum itself,  the history from the time of the  first Hungarian Chocolate shop in 1880. The first shot says: ” Only drank for centuries… today available in bars. chocolate has undiminished success.  3 kilograms /person are eaten a year”  Of course there are those folks who eat less and those who eat more than that  amount. To dig into the mouth-watering products here not just in Budapest, roll over to the chocolate museum, see for yourself and the rest is up to you!


The Hungarian Palacsinta ( pancake)  is like nothing else to compare with other pancakes. The Hungarians fill them with alsort of jams, chocolate, veggies, dairy products, ground herbs and spices and with so many other flavors, then just roll them up. Of course the real sweet tooth individuals  pour some more sweet flavors to make them more enjoyable. These packed “palacsinta” were delicately tasting a fresh as taken of the stove.


The goodness of sight and the taste of chocolates can be purchased at their shop in Budapest. I was lucky going for a “menu” with the little bits of tasting.  I have brought a bar of  “ChocoMe Brand”  that Mr. Gábor Mészáros, Hungarian Grand Prix chocolatiers hand-made chocolate, unfortunately it has disappeared already… I wonder where it’s gone!  Wish to know more about the shop:


Their company is the only Hungarian-owned family business which has been operating since 1991 on the Hungarian market. Their main activities are handicraft production and distribution of sweets. See some amazing chocolate creations on the slide show and at:


The house of the hand-made chocolates!

Passing by the tempting goodies my eyes spotted this small stand that was full of  mouth-watering chocolates and the temptation was high not to get a small bar “goose cracklings”  chocolate. As the owner said, the goose cracklings were the most popular during the “sweet Days” affair! What an excellent idea of the filling. Each-and-every bit is so enjoyable, the moment of warmth floods your soul. It is hard in trying  to choose which one to give a try. They had a lovely selection of dried fruits coated in white, milky and dark chocolate in gift boxes for any highlighted occasion. These delights are not only hand-made chocolates, but  the care and love is in them as well. Here’s a site where the temptation goes high: … enjoy your treat !


You just couldn’t help  falling in love with the variety of the Zangio chocolates …each and every piece are absolutely calling! A snap of  the latest yummy the “Flodni”  shaped and flavored in a thumb-nail size chocolate … sighhhhh …was like being in the paradise of chocolates.  This family owned chocolate producer not only has two good hands to prepare his hand-made chocolates, but also is high in the fantasy in shapes and tastes… a real artwork can be spotted at his shop. See more background history about the Zangio at in English language:

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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