Hungary’s craft beers awards at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair in Ireland – 2015.


One Gold, One Silver, Six Bronze medals were the awards won  by Hungarian craft breweries in Dublin at the Alltech Craft Brews and Food Fair competition – 2015.

At the most prestigious and largest beer competition in Ireland, Hungary for the first time was able to participate with the Hungarian homemade beers at the competition in Ireland.

Hungary had beer manufactures with a booth of 18 taps of full-bodied „yummy” taste beers.

The three-day festival was arranged between February, 27- March, 1. with the number of nearly 10,000 local and international craft beverages as well as local culinary delights.  Approximately, 500 craft beers to sample by 60 brew manufactures from 24 countries from across the globe. The booths were standing wall-to-wall. The USA Alltech beers were also hosted, Dr. Pearse Lyons,  a former Irish man who started his career at Guinness, now-a-days  president and founder of Alltech beers.

The 2015 Dublin Craft Beer Cup was awarded to Coisbo Beer of Denmark with the Eleven Russian Imperial Stout – Sherry Matured. This award was given for the second year in a row, The “Supreme Cider” certificate, a new award was added this year to the Dublin Cup and was won by Rochdale Three Berry Cider from the McCashin’s Brewery.

As for the Hungarian success of homemade beers, about five  or six years ago Hungary had the craft beer revolution, that in a short time became extremely popular, that was completed by a law which come into force in 2012. In the beginning the producers  made 1000 liters of homemade beers for their own pleasure. Anywhere, where the  beer brewers are around the world produce beers  it is well-known that centuries worth of experience is need  to produce the special liquid, called as beer.

For the first time to be able to taste Hungarian beer in Ireland was at the competition and festival in Dublin’s Alltech Brews Craft Beer and Food Fair.  Most probably and the final result proves the Irish and other nationalities present were pretty surprised with the large assortment of  Hungarian beers they tasted. For those who will find in the future these labels of beers may say they have tasted the award-winning beers from Hungary.

Here are the Hungarian winning beers:  Gold medal  – „Mug of Beer”  (Csupor homemade beer – Csupor Házisörfőzde – Bunny Hop),  Silver medal – Zip’s Brewhouse (Pineapple Saison Noir),  Bronze medal – „ Zip’s Brewhouse” (Black IPA),  Bronze  medal – „Mug of Beer” (Csupor Sör Kft. – Tántorgó ParIPA) – Realing ParIPA, Bronze  medal –  „Legend Brewery” (Legenda Sörfőzde Kft.)  – Horse Juice, Bronze  medal – „Reketye Brewhouse” (Ravasz Hód) – Shifty Beaver,  Bronze medal  „Horizon Beer” (Sörműves Kft.) – Brewed at Kaltenecker, Bronze medal  – (Sörműves Kft.) – Horison Japanese Wheat.

Most probably the tasters at Dublin were floating, hypnotized by the taste, color, flavors having a sip of the smoky black lager, rye India Pale Ale smoky, hoppy American Pale Ale, Belgian beer, the heavily hopped wheat beer ,  the sour types and so on.

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