The Shanghai Chinese Orchestra at the Palace of Arts – Budapest


The most important Chinese holiday, the Lunar New Year is shortly on its way…

The Year 2015 is the 4712th Chinese Year and Year of the Wood Sheep!

In the frame of the Lunar New Year an  opening a concert will be held with the Shanghai Chinese Orchestra at the Palace of Arts.  

District, IX., 1. District IX.,  l. Komor Marcell Street – Budapest

Monday, January, 26. 2015.

 Previously, having concerts at Amsterdam, Vienna, Berlin and Beijing the orchestra arrives to the Palace of Arts – Budapest.

The orchestra was founded in 1952. Knowing that for the western ear it is often difficult to interpret Chinese melodies, even though the Chinese style elements are combined with western sound also. The majority of the orchestra leaders and members developed also Europe and America skills.

The performance will be held by Wang Fu-Tsien, conductor of the Shanghai Opera artistic director and former alma mater, a professor at the Shanghai Conservatory.

During the evening, Su Chang plays on the special wooden instrument called Ku-ring, which is one of the oldest instrument aka Chinese zither. Other traditional Chinese musical instruments for the European ears with the unusual-sounding the Chinese bamboo flute, zither Chinese and Chinese four-stringed mandolin will be introduced. The concert will be having Chinese folk song as well.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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