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On the occasion of the opening of the elegantly tasted Budapest’s new Salon with beautiful jewelry along with very seductive scent, classy clothes, accessories were presented to the press and invited guests.

 The Store can be reached at: District, V., 6. Október 6. Street – Budapest.

Reaching the high season of holidays, it is pretty hard for many to  find the answer to … 3 W’s standing for WhenWhereWhat to purchase for the hubbie and loved one, but soon excepting the invitation from the Madison Perfumery found out at the newly opened Moni’s Jewelry Premium Brand Store. Thumbs-up for the organisers for tying an excellent selection of programs. As it was said at the opening the 3 M’s  are here this evening … Moni’s Jewelry … Madison Perfumery … Maison Marquise –  showcasing: Bori Tóth  designer’s  collection.

The presentation was by the representative of the Jaguar who step-by-step introduced the 3M’s. Moni’s – Style and Elegance molded piece of jewelery. Madison brought the latest collection of not for only classy ladies but gents the warm, spicy, romantic fragrances which captivated many  senses  also for the male spouse on the spot. Also the variety of candles based on the original Eau de Perfume were very  attractive. The  Maison Marquise   introduced the AW 2014/2015„Ready-to-Wear „ – Orient Fall models. A collection of ancient culture of Far East. The patterns of Chinese folding  screen and the golden metal ornaments of Japanese lacquered boxes were to touch the eye of the audience. As heard, the  collections concept was to combine ancient handcrafted ornaments with modern simple forms and body fitted silhouettes.  The models were also dressed up  with leather mountings  and carrying  fan shape purses truly  a composition of the 21st century.  Indeed the  unique  style of  Moni’s Jewelry further  highlighted the clothes and the woman’s personality. The touch of the Madison Perfumery’s  (also offering  exclusive fragrances, niche  cologne, hard-to-find perfumes, room scents also worked perfectly together with the clothes and jewelry. Each collection of the Moni’s jewelry are made not in series but in a limited number. There is only ten pieces of each in the shop. One of Moni highlight is the special jewelry collection for men inspired by Jaguar F-Type.

Was also said, this new jewelry store at the center of Budapest, next to the Basilica was a fairy dream to come true. Previously examined every detail to implement a perfect jewelry store in 200 square meters and  housed two full levels of luxury and glamor. The store was planned by a Florence internal constructor and the dream glow to life in November 2014. The store’s aim is  support  every customer in finding a tiny piece to his and her personality with which happily leaves the store.

Locations to be found:

Moni’s Jewelry Premium Brand Store –  District, V., 6. Október 6. Street – Budapest.

Madison Perfumery  – District VI., 26. Andrássy Blvd. – Budapest

Maison Marquise  – District VI., 56. Bajza Street – Budapest

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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