Following the previous years success at the Israeli Film Festival in Budapest in the forthcoming days it will be present again and screened over a week.

Here is the latest Herald News to the 18th Israeli Film Festival … A selection of the latest award-winning films, contemporary movies, comedies to sensitive dramas … from riveting, political documentaries to hot-blooded romance presenting the best of Israeli cinema to Hungarian audiences.

The film festival takes place at the Pushkin Cinema through December, 4 to 9. 2014., organized in collaboration between the Israeli Embassy in Hungary and the Israel Cultural Institute in Budapest.

The films will be shown within their original Hebrew sounds, S/T with English and also Hungarian.

Here is a brief introduction  of the screened films …

THE GREEN PRINCE – 2014 – run time 99 minutes. … A captivating and emotional story. A story that one is tempted to think it is fiction. Two men, a spy and a handler, whom history insists must be adversaries, forge an unexpected trust and friendship. (WINNER 2014 SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL AUDIENCE AWARD, WORLD CINEMA DOCUMENTARY.)  6.30 p.m. Friday, December, 5. Metropolis room. 6.30 p.m. Sunday December, 7. Metropolis room

GET– 2014 – 115 minutes … When film and reality meets … a story of a woman seeking a divorce at the Israeli court for  over five years. Been going to the rabbinic courthouse again and again, but her husband does not approve … she has yet to receive a get.  8.30 p.m. Saturday, December, 6. Metropolis room. 6.30 p.m.  Tuesday, December, 9. Metropolis room

A DECENT MAN – 2014 – run time 96 minutes  … The most caring of husbands and loving of fathers can also be a killer. The most brutal of killers can also be a loving father and husband. This applies to the men behind the Nazi genocide of Vanessa Lapa’s astounding film. 6.30 p.m. Saturday, December, 6. Metropolis room. 6.30 p.m. Monday, December, 8. Metropolis room

2 NIGHT – 2011 – run time – 87 minutes 10.30 p.m. Friday, December 5. Metropolis room. 7.30 p.m. Monday,. December, 8. Amarcord room

MAGIC MEN  – 2014 – run time 100 minutes … A father-and-son road movie in search of a Greek magician who saved the father during WWII. The journey opens up old wounds and forces the two men to face the truth, to try to bridge the gaps between them, and to once again be father and son. 7.30 p.m. Thursday, December, 4. Amarcord room. 8.30 p.m. Sunday, December, 7. Metropolis room

ZERO MOTIVATION –  2014 – run time 100 minutes … A dark and comedic portrait of everyday life for a unit of young, female Israeli soldiers. The Human Resources Office at a remote desert base serves as the setting for this cast of characters who bide their time pushing paper and battling in computer games, counting down the minutes until they can return to civilian life. 8.30 p.m. Friday, December, 5. Metropolis room. 10.30 p.m. Saturday, December, 6. Metropolis room. 7.30 p.m. Tuesday, December, 9. Amarcord room

A FILM UNFINISHED – 2010 – run time 89 minutes – “A Film Unfinished seeks for the truth behind one of the most mysterious Nazi propaganda films ever shot inside the Warsaw Ghetto. It
engages us, challenges us, and most importantly, teaches us …  not only about history, but about what we take for granted, and what we assume to be truth. 7.30 p.m. Friday, December, 5. Amarcord room. 7.30 p.m. Sunday, December, 7. Amarcord room

KUMASI HAIFA – 2013 – run time 60 minutes  …  The film focuses on a group of teachers from Ghana who travel to Israel to learn innovative educational techniques, and return home to revolutionize early childhood education in Africa. The film touches on themes of cooperation, overcoming obstacles, unity across cultural boundaries, and female empowerment. 9.30 p.m. Thursday, December, 4.  Amarcord room

The a/m movies tickets can be already purchased at the  Pushkin cinema ticket booth.

District, V.,  18. Kossuth Lajos  Street – Budapest.

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