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National Theater … Hungarian State Folk Ensemble evokes Ruthenia 

Director-choreographer Gábor Mihályi

7 p.m. – Sunday, November, 16. 2014.

Update and sharing yesterday’s prolusion at the National Theater – Budapest … The Transcarpathia people of diverse and rich traditional culture reminiscent by the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble new productions: „Summoned Ruthenia  … beyond passes”. The production will be on show, Sunday, November 16. 2014.

This is for the first time to introduce by dancing through the palette the past decades  summarizing  the Transcarpathian life and history by the Hungarian State Folk Ensemble.

With featuring Hungarian, Romanian, Ruthenian, Jewish music, solos also sang by Agnes Herczku  and Hetényi Milan. The dancers superb performance wish to introduce and prove that the tradition can apostrophized for the people of today. Not only the choreography and the original authentic period clothing is spectacular but all-in-all throughout the change of periods and places, the scenes are glamorous… Worthwhile to check the ticket box, if there have not been made any program for the evening.

Following the premiere on Sunday,  November, 16. at the National Theater, the presentation will be on show at the House of Traditions – Budapest.  The  tapping foots, traditional live music,  and dancing  throughout 70 minutes surely proved this is a well design production, not to mention the hard work which is behind the State Folk Ensemble dancers whom fulfilled a superb show.

 National Theater: District IX., 1., Bajor Gizi Park – Budapest

Order through local  telephone number: 476-6868

 Ticket booth opening hours  on Sunday 2 p.m.- 6 p.m. or before the show on the spot.


Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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