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Open-Air exhibition can be visited from Friday, September, 5 to Sunday, September, 21 2014., at the 56th Square in Budapest… just a short walk on the right-side from the Hero Square.

When the “@RC” was born in 2000 it was upon an annual application to give the society birth as a new medium platform. Since then the giant posters still proves to be critically on practice, self-critical, humorous, holds honesty which is one of the most fundamental achievements of democracy just as the freedom of speech.

To this year’s competition a total of 1108 entries arrived and from this n umber, 84 giant posters and 27 smaller posters were selected by the jury which are out on display at the 56th Square.

Three works were chosen by the jury, and this year also handed out the to the most insolent, the most frame minded creations the “Badger prize”.

To-day the award ceremony took place recognizing the year’s best works:

First prize: Mustache Cat Works – title: Equality, fraternity, procurement.  Representing  a football ground  on which there will never be equal conditions

Second prize: Herr Milan – title: Hungarians in Europe.  Still life picture with cleaning items saying: “I love London” which stands for Hungarians who are heading for London to do kitchen cleaning.

Third prize: Géza Halász – title: Rush hours.  Symbolizing … stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Badger Award: Magdolna Szinovszki , Laszló Szamosi –  title: I believe in a …  Hard to say anything  positive about it. This is a poster to like it or leave it.

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