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Hungary’s tradition in having the largest wine muster …  the XXXV. National Wine Competition  this year was at Mór, which was organized by the National Council of Wine Communities (HNT).

Early afternoon at the Budapest Music Center  (BMC) was held this year’s  National Wine competition award ceremony, whereas from the four corners of  Hungry’s wine makers,  vineyard owners and family companies, small wineries, the so-called number of „Best Wine of the Year” awarded  wine makers and yet hardly known producers were present along with the media representatives. The wine makers previously headed to Mór in dimensioned their wine products and let alone hosted the competitors with an awesome hospitality.  Only Csongrád county had not signed in the competition. In the year 2013, a total of 319 samples entered the competition which were  judged by local and regional professionals.  Number of samples submitted  this year was 382 wines and champagne. Also international committee was present. The jury consisted of 6-7 members of  professional wine experts. The number of competitors were 118. From the total number of samples  30% received different remuneration. The jury voted 3 big gold, 37 gold and 69 silver prizes were distributed to the excellent wine makers. The XXXV. Jubilee National Wine Competition ended with the result announcement and giving over the prizes by Assistant Secretary of State for Defence dr. Eliza Kiss along with President Tamás Torna (HNT) and András Horkay President of the (OBV). Learnt there were   extremely high entries especially from the wine makers territories of  Villány, Kunsági and Szekszárd. Regarding to the number of competitors  compared to the previous year, 17% more wineries kept in mind the importance of being as competitors  with their wines at one of Hungary’s most important competition. This time in the top 10 grape varieties two from the Carpathian Basin was among the naturalized species. These were: Italian Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Riesling, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, Merlot, Cabernet Franc, Gamay, Irsai Oliver. It has been said that the most successful female oenologist was Viola Mak Vikmanné and under the  age of 35 years, the young winemaker  Péter Mészáros was recognized. It was told that huge emphasis was put on display in the price and value ratio to help the buyers in finding, having their own beloved wines. The BEST Buy WHITE was the Sauvignon blanc from the Wine Merchant and Production Ltd. The BEST Buy RED was the Hajós-Baja Cabernet Sauvignon from Csaba Koch.  This year, three sophisticated wines had reached the Gold prize …  the Szekszárdi  and the Tokaj wine region receiving the title:  “Honor of Producing”. These were the Mészáros Winehouse,  Puklus  and Takler Winery Cellar. The Puklus Cellar received the Big Gold prize with their „Tokaji Muscat Aszú Essence” from 2003. Dr. József Brazsil, from the Western part of Lake Balaton receiving the Gold prize with the „Riesling Silvaner„ from 2013. The Borbély Family Winery with its “Ice Wine – Italian Reisling”  from Badacsony – Lake Balaton was award with the Gold prize as the best vintage wine. Éva Gálné Dignisz winemaker is by now a regular competitor at Hungary’s wine competitions. This time Eve Gálné Dignisz  – Gal Vineyards and Winery received the Gold prize  for her „Riesling” from 2013.  The Best „Rosé” Gold prize went out to the Szöllősi  Cellar Ltd.   from  Transdanubia region. As the Best Red Wine came from the Mészáros Wine House receiving the Gold prize with its „Merlot Reserve” from 2011., Szekszárd. The Best carbonated products Gold prize winners were given to  the Nyilasi Cellar with its „Fizzyzzz” – 2013., and the „Chardonnay Brut” – 2011 produced by the Törley Champagne Cellars.

 At the end of the prize winner’s ceremony, the competitors,  invited guests and the media representatives were invited to go for tasting the Gold and Silver  prized  superb wines.

Update and snaps  by Aggie Reiter

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