10th Shakespeare Festival - Gyula 2014.


The 51st Season of the Gyula Castle Theater 2014 opened its stage!

Here’s a followup to the Festival Director József Gedeon previously held preliminary program review that took place on the 3rd of June, whereas he gave an overall picture to the forthcoming sixty days anniversary to the 10th Shakespeare Festival which will take place at the City of Gyula. Now here is a brief  Herald News to the forthcoming days to come … beside the Hungarian speaking theater, play performances the festival’s director thought of the foreigners visiting, staying, working in Hungary as to give them pleasure to be present and enjoying a couple of superb plays, films, kids puppet shows,  all-that-jazz, programs for all age without the need of Hungarian language knowledge.

The Shakespeare Festival of theaters have now a tradition in having theater production, directors, actors coming from abroad. From  Chile will be coming from the Viajeinmovil Theater starting: Jamime Lorca, Teresita Iacobell in the play “Othello”, director  Christian Ortega  on  stage at Saturday, July 12. at 6p.m.  at the Chamber Hall. The play will be  in Spanish language with Hungarian subtitle.  Also from St. Petersburg Baltic House Festival Theater, the Belgium Luk Perce will be directing the Hungarian National Theater artists within the play of „Macbeth”. The Georgian David Doiashvili directing a joint production with the artists of the Gyula Castle Theater and the Hungarian National Theater. The last two performances will be in Hungarian language. The great Polish actor Piotr Kondrat will be giving a personal lecture of  Hamlet around the venue of the Castle.  The list is not exhaustivebut worthy of mention for the Jazz lovers  “The Zawinul Legacy Band” from the States will be on stage as well.

Festival Director Jozsef Gedeon held previously a preliminary program review in the beginning  on the 3rd of June, whereas he gave an overall picture to the forthcoming sixty days anniversary of the 10th Shakespeare Festival which will take place as in the previous years at the City of Gyula. Beside the Hungarian speaking theater, play performances the festival’s director thought of the foreigners visiting, staying, working in Hungary as to give them pleasure to be present and enjoying a couple of superb plays, films, kids puppet shows, music…music…music for all age and performances without the need of Hungarian language knowledge.

For those who missed the London’s Globe Theater performance in Budapest need not have to hang their heads down, cause the audience will be present at a theater play which will be memorable one for many in the audience of having spent a  fabulous theater night in Gyula. Needn’t have to be confused, intimidated, or a bit afraid when it comes to Shakespearean language. Give them a go … you never know what might happen! The play by itself speaks a lot from the roots of Shakespeare loving actors.

You all are invited as cousins, cause Shakespeare called all his friends cousins … So go forth and woo!

The City of Gyula is proud call for the first time during the Shakespeare Festival in Hungary the novelty of members of the Shakespeare Fringe Festival  and will hold their shows between Thursday, July, 3. to Sunday, July, 13., by having 5 early evening’s programs such as “Dancing on the Street” – “Street Theater” – „Comedies”  all happening around the venue of the Castle of Gyula. On Thursday, July, 10. at 6 p.m.  the  a Louis Soltis Theater  from Celldömölk, presentating: „Or whatever you want”!?! …  “Shakespop” around the Castle area. These programs are free of charge.

Sunday, July, 6. starting at 8.30 p.m. at the Classical Music Hall – Shakespeare Songs will fill the air!

On the same day Thursday, July, 10. starting at 8.30 p.m. artist from the Shakespeare Globe Theater – London United Kingdom will be presenting   “Ado About Nothing” directed by Max Webster. 

Below outlining a couple of events to be taking place: The Dohnányi Orchester, which will by playing popular film sound hits on Thursday, July 17.,  beginning at 8.30 p.m., at the Castle stage conducted by Gábor Hollerung. Dance performance within the production of ExperiDance Essence will be held at the Palace Theater on Saturday, July, 19. at 8.30 p.m.

Foreigners staying in Hungary having English language knowledge are more than welcome to visit the days of the festival, whereas there will be no language barrier will keep them away from fabulous days and nights full of entertainment performances. This cooperation was brought under umbrella in frame with the Hungarian Shakespeare Commission. There will be a 2-days international conference with guest of honor, the famous English Shakespeare scholar, professor Stanley Wells.

Outstanding Belgian singer, pianist Carroll Vanwelden … Shakespeare takes jazz on Friday, July, 4. at 6 p.m. at the Courtyard of the Museum inside the Castle. Members of the group: Thomas Sifflling on trumpet, Mini Schutz on contrabass, Rodrigo Villalon – on drums. Entry tickets: 2000HUF.

Another highlight of the festival to come, will be starting from Saturday, July, 19. – Wednesday, July 23. whereas local and foreigners are welcomed to roll over to Gyula to spend a splendid evening and heat up themselves by listening to awesome artists at the 23rd Gyula Castle Jazz Festival with special guests as “The Zawinul Legacy Band” from the States. Mihály Dresch, who this year has received the title of Distinguished Artist is also a coming back musician, performing folk music and jazz within the Dresch Quartet. The members of the band:  Mihály Dresch on saxophone, Miklós Lukács on cymbals, Ernő Hoch on bass and István Baló on drums.  Ms. Klára Hajdú graduated at the Franz Liszt Academy. The members of her Quartet  are:  Klára Hajdu – vocal, Balázs Neumann on piano, Marcell  Hoff on drums and Ádám Bogothy on bass.  The performance of the local Big Band of Gyula led by Pál Kepenye are one of the regularly invited band performing at the Castle Jazz Festival.

TAKE IT EASY … at the  9th Castle Blues Festival where the  blues lovers can come together and enjoy the saxophonist Sax Gordon and the  Luca Giordano Band (USA), the Hungarian Tibor Tátra and his group named Hungarian Atom, the Pribojszki Matthias Band and Blue Rabbit Hammond Band.  Tickets to the jazz: 4800HUF … to the Jazz-Blues festival: 7000HUF.

The “King Lear” drama at the Castle’s lake theater to have had been presented is unfortunately canceled up to the point of illness by the main character. Tickets already purchased for the play may be redeemed until Thursday, July, 10.

For a romantic and relaxing day-and-night be aware to mark the dates in your Calender and shoot a reservation to any events of interest to be at the 10th Shakespeare Festival. For those who are not only hungry for culture can enjoy the cooked food on top the stove at the Patriot Restaurant, where dishes, wooden plates will be served with foods just like in the old days of Shakespeare. Now doesn’t that sound appetite excitation?

Beside the a/m rolling along with teasers for any information in-depth simple go to and for better understanding go forth to the English version.

Hope you will enjoy every minute – hour at the  10th Shakespeare Festival and the hospitality of the City of Gyula  🙂


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