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„Beer in the Morning, Beer in the Evening, Beer in the Suppertime,


When talking about  beers for many in a wink will think of the Belgian Beers … so no wonder the Belgium’s brewers dream came true by producing, selling their well-known beer all around the world.

Belgium Beer Tourism is here again for the 5th time in Budapest. So beer lovers here you go, a chance to hit the road to „Beerville” tologo-balnaWhale Center  

District  IX., 11-12 Fővám Square – Budapest (along the bank of the River Danube … short walk from the Grand Market Hall)

Get into the mood, here is an occasion as hanging around with buddies, long none seem friends.

There are so many varies flavors of Belgium beers you would need to have more than one thousand days to taste one-each-day of course talking about having them  in Belgium, but  in the meantime here in Budapest there will be nothing to complain about, cause during the three days beer festival beside the already known flavors like the Flemish red, pale lager, lambie beer this year going to be some newcomers out on the spot with more than 31 Belgian breweries, 50 remarkable types of draft beers flowing from the taps, along with known and maybe yet unknown for some folks around 150 beer types and as the Hungarians refer to the beer as … the „Liquid bread” will be served for everybody’s pleasure who will be rolling to the Whale Center between May,  16-18. Beside the already well-known Belgian beers, the limited edition of Hopus Primeur and Duvel Tripel Hop 2014., and also for the first time to make its way to Budapest the Deliria carefully made by ladies and the Omer can be tasted, here in Budapest and shortly will be distributed throughout the country.

Beer Time … Friday, May 16. – From: 5.00 p.m. 10 p.m. … Saturday,May, 17. – From Noon  to 10 p.m. … Sunday, May 18. – From Noon to 10 p.m.

Entrance is free of charge!
Beer coupon prices: 3 beers – 2800HUF and 5 beers – 4000HUF.

At the entrance a beer glass with the Belgian Beer logo will be handed over to the fest visitors. Payments can be carried out by the use of bank card or cash as well.

Hope this flashnews caught many folks attention. unfortunately, cannot provide English language site, but in the meantime can see many types of beers recognized by their labels at:

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