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On Thursday, February, 27. 2014. at the HUNGEXPO opened its door to the 37 Travel Exhibition in Budapest. Approximately, 500 exhibitors showcasing  on a platform of  30.000 square-meters. Hungary’s most prestigious tourism event of the Year! The domestic city as the guest of honor was chosen from cities in competition by the received materials. Upon  reviewing the candidates,  the finalist as the guest of honor of this year’s Travel Exhibition the city of Pécs was nominated. It may be visited at the 311-booth for those interested to learn more about the city of a handful of offers. Zsolt Páva, mayor of Pécs on Thursday greeted the visitors on the spot arriving to the opening ceremony saying the following:Quote: „Pécs is proud to be the guest of honor at this year’s Travel Exhibition. Pécs earned its title with so many attractions to be visited. Pécs was the European Capital of Culture in 2010., and since then many changes, developments were carried out in the city.This process has not stopped, in 2014 a large-scale developments are taking place in Pécs. As an example, the Cathedral renewal, a look-out for the recovery of the fourth tower, the Museum of Csontváry on reconstruction, modernization of the zoo, and the recently re-opened underground wells citations Mining Museum”.  István Márta, Managing Director, Zsolnay Heritage Management Ltd., saying it is worthwhile to visit Pécs packed with so many sites to see and was glad to say, more guests spend the time even staying an overnight, because thanks to the cultural development of the city, offers many attractions for all age of visitors.  Also talked about the city not only  being a city of cultural heritage, but also having a number of  technological innovations  to offer. Visitors may have access to a free download mobil-application strengthening tourism digital content and their Facebook campaign, whereas visitors may write their own experiences, as creating their own handbook of Pécs. Mentioned a couple of attractions which are introduced at the booth  …  Already seen on the spot the superb Zsolnay ceramic flooring citations. At the screening room continuously a film is screened … The Bóbita giants walking around the booths capturing the attention to follow and take snaps and following them to the booth of  Pécs.  This year the mostly for many will be the visited, not just at the Hungexpo for the first time see by the public is the Apáti Abt giant  Zsolnay vase, missing  for over 107 years,  believed to be a value of 19 million Hungarian Forint. Delightful stop can be made and watch how the lady from the Zsolnay Manufactory is painting the traditional art figures on the Zsolnay bowls just in front of the visitor’s eyes. About  Pécs, in 2010 was awarded the title of European Capital of Culture. This was in possession and led to significant improvements. It had brought  a change dramatically over the public spaces, built the world’s top five best acoustics concert hall belonging to the Kodály Center. Operating a giant library complex known as the Knowledge Center, opened recently on the Hungarian depository recorded Zsolnay Cultural Quarter, renewed the world heritage sites.  Even though Pécs handed over the title of the European Capital of Culture  in 2011 to other European Capitals still continuously having festivals, conferences, operates as a cultural capital of the lively town. Domestic and foreign tourists will be able to visit to see further significant developments in realized value of four billion Hungarian Forint, such as: … The cell Septichora , with ancient Christian memories and the modernization of the Early Christian Mausoleum. Hungary’s first Medieval University to be opened to visit for the general public. The Bishop’s Palace. The downtown Mosque interior and exterior renovation stands also as the part of the project.  The Mosque entrance will be accessible from a completely new doorway and also to visit the crypt will be available. The remonstrated Zoo at Pécs. The Croatian Theater’s building is going through reconstruction, renovation and the expansion of its new wing. The presentation of the Jewish history at the renovated Synagogue and also the Angster Organ Renovation. The Museum of Csontváry, Granary building, the renovation of pilgrim allows the Csontváry priceless legacy may continue on the current site., the House of Martyn. Museum of Miners’ introducing through an exhibition coal and uranium mining history at the Baranya county.

There is still time to visit their booth at the Hungexpo’s  Travel Exhibition, before the closing day on February, 2. 2014.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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