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During the mid afternoon hours on Friday, February, 7., a media and press call was to at the City Park Városligeti Ice Rink Ceremonial Hall, located, between the Heroes’ Square and the Vajdahunyad Castle in the Budapest the capital of Hungary to watch live broadcast of the opening ceremony at the XXIIth Sochi Olympic Winter Games. But at first on behalf by P & G spokesman Mr. Zsolt Karancsi and Dr. Zoltán Magyar  – Vice-President of the Hungarian Olympic Association (MOB) held a short presentation.

At first the P & G spokesman spoke about the company’s part of the objectives and results implemented in the company’s campaign:  Thank  you Mom.  The Procter & Gamble (P & G), is one of the partners of the five-ringed worldwide games. The P & G has set aside 25 million USD to support youth sports, for those who mean the most to mothers: their children. As a result of the program, P & G has provided the world with around $ 8 million in grants through its brands.

Dr. Zoltán Magyar … for elder folks his name  definitely rings the bell as one of the most popular, well-known Hungarian Sportsman of the Pommel Horse, the Olympic champion gymnast, during the70’s. For those born „yesterday” here is a little background of the one-and-only talented sportsman of Hungary, who was the innovative world-class player to introduce for the first time in the world on the Pommel Horse the Hungarian-wanderer… wandering the spindle leaps. I remember, I could have watched his Pommel Horse exercise day-by-day and over-and-over again and convinced I wasn’t on my own! In addition to Montreal and Moscow Olympic championship achieved many fantastic success.  As, World and European Championships with 3 gold merited, won 35 Hungarian championships.) Mr. Magyar talked about his memories shared with his Mum after arriving back home from the Olympias. At his first victory, his Mum awaited for his arrival and when he entered the house his Mum strongly hugged him and took him by the hand into his room. He was asked to wait a second and just about it he heard the sound of the Hungarian anthem filled the air and she told him she would like to live it over again, his victory by standing side-by-side after receiving the gold medal as the Hungarian anthem was played just for him. That was  the best emotional feeling from his Mum, a moment in life he will never forget.

Then followed in the frame of the press conference a roundtable discussion with three Hungarian athletes: Ms. Engi Klara – ice dance OlympianMs. Szilvia Szabó  – canoe kayak  Olympian and Mr. Levente Szuper – hockey player.  The three of them all shared some of their most remembered days within their career’s  connected to their family.  All three in a way or the other agreed how much it was important to have that family support during the most needed … to fight with time and energy. Absolutely plays an important role in an athlete’s life, when only just a few meters or minutes are to reach finishing the competition. Often happened by the end of the games the level of their energy drops down and having in mind Mum and family members gives plug–in, the backup battery to manage to win.

Dr. Magyar spoke about the forthcoming Sochi Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games by saying: Quote: „The XXII. Olympic Winter Games will be held from February, 7 to 23, to which 85 countries with more than six thousand athletes of individual and team game start-ups. Seven Olympic sports awards presentations consist of 98 athletes on the podium, which exceeds by 12 of the 2010 Vancouver Olympic Games, 14 Poles and a number of coins were distributed during the Torino 2006 Olympic Winter Games. The XI. Paralympic Winter Games will be held from March, 7 to 16 in which 45 countries with 1650 athletes of individual and team game will start competing with each other. Five sports and 72 medals will be awarded. During the Sochi 2014 games around 25 thousand volunteers and 13 thousand press, television and radio channels, photographers will be present at these events.

The Sochi Olympic Games are expected to follow approximately three billion television viewers around the Globe.”

Thank you Mom! – Through the eyes of a photographer.

After the press conference we were invited to the P & G’s unique photo exhibition at the Ice Rink Gallery. The exhibition pays a tribute to the mothers of the 2014th XXII. Sochi Winter Olympic Games. P & G sincerely believe that every mother, an Olympic gold medalist parent and children deserves support and recognition for their daily labors. The „Pick Them Back Up” – To never give up,  is the company’s  promotional film. Was  broadcasted at the 2012. London Olympic Games and more than 21 million viewers seen the video at the stadion’s screens and following the games on the telly. He goes  the heartwarming video:

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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