Valentine’s Day … Day of Lovers

Friday, February, 14.  2014.

  Városliget Café & Bar 1895

District XIV., 5, Olof Palme Promenade

It is situated at one of Budapest’s fascinating area. Kind waitresses speaking English and German and naturally Hungarian language.

The venue’s view, especially during the evening time when the lights are on, infront of you is the City’s Ice Rink and behind stands with pride  the Vajda Hunyad  Castle, is like being in a fairytale, great atmosphere.

’Life may race along over stock and stone after this … but one cannot ride away so far as to have the memory of this hour vanishing … there is the stage of touching hands, then those of meeting eyes, the voice and the kiss … the balcony of hugs … and finally, the pinnacle of the tower … Love, for which we all have come to this world.’

Gyula Krúdy

The day’s offer is not only for romancing couples …  Exciting sparkling wine, perfect for clinking glasses with your sweetheart … Special Tafelspitz consisting of: clear, saffron-coloured, boiling hot meat soup with a lot of vegetables and semolina dumplings, marrow-bone served with garlic toast, and as the main attraction: boiled beef with sour cherry sauce, potatoes and horseradish … Heart of strawberries with rhubarb, which guarantees a moment of intimacy … Skating on the City Park Ice Rink, enlivening body and soul alike.

The price of the meal with champagne and ice rink tickets for 2 persons is 9800HUF. Tables must be reserved in advance by paying 50% of  the a/m price. Reservation can be made by calling: +36-30-869-1426, or through e/mail: info@varosligetcafe.hu  …  deadline date:  February, 12, 2014. Guests are welcomed  from 6 p.m

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