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 The Europe’s best skaters will be descending in Budapest.

Hungary is in full swing.

The ISU European championships being held in Budapest for the seventh time starting on January, 13.- 19. 2014.

The XXII Olympic Winter Games, Sochi 2014 is just around the corner, but before the road leads to that corner comes Budapest to host Europe’s classified skaters. Anyway, do not wish to skate ahead, first here comes Budapest with hosting the 2014 years ISU European Figure Skating Championship between January, 13-19. Happy to say, the Hungarian capital opens the Ice Ground to Europe’s growing up, talented, ice skaters whose names will ring the bell in the forthcoming years as the Figure Skating Champions of the early 21st. Century.

A sports event of this caliber is welcomed all around the world not only for the locals, but also draw international attention. Skaters and their groups at the Ice Rink is hosted at the Syma Sport and Event Center in Budapest. During the past years  Syma held major sport and entertainment events. Even though the schedule will be pretty tight, hopefully, the delegations may have a short visit to some of the most spectacular scenes in Budapest which are about 10 minutes ride to reach.

The European Figure Skating Championship was previously held in Budapest six occasion. This will be the first time again after 10 years to have six of the athletics in having triple and a single winning the gold medal. Just mention a couple, the French Brian Joubert who won his first title in here in Budapest. Besides the men’s skaters, the Italian Carolina Kostner the outstanding single world and five times European champion, currently will be defending her championship. Also the European champion in 2008, the Czech Tomas Verner will be competing in Budapest.

Four events  beginning January, 15. with Short Dance, January,16 Free Dance, January, 17 Lady’s Free Skate, January, 18 Men’s Free Skate, January, 19  Pair Dance and “GALA” VICTORY CEREMONY.

Ticket sale will be opened for everyone on the spot at the ticket-box and available at

Beside the 170 competitors, from Europe’s 33 countries, a delegation of observers arrived from United States of America, Japan, China. A delegation from Stockholm came to study the championship premises, to gather information to their planning procedures for the next years ISU European Figure Skating Championship to take place in Stockholm, Sweden.

Day 1. and Day 2.  Offical Workout Tuesday and Wednesday, January, 13 and 14., featuring both the men’s and ladies individual specific requirements  must be included in the short programs. These are, with slight variation by gender as the double or triple-axel jump, connecting steps into a triple-jump or for some skaters the possibility of the quadruple-jump for men. The jump combination consisting of at least a double and triple jump, flying spin and a spin combination with a change of foot. The audience had to have a sharp view to follow these attractive combinations.

Also MEN’S practise ice dancing. To be seen Brian Joubert, Florent Amodio – FRA, Maxim Kovtun – RUS, Michal Brezina – CZE, Peter Liebers – GER, Alexei Bychenko – ISR, Tomas  Verner – CZE, Sergei Voronov – RUS, Konstantin Menshov – RUS, Jorik Hendrickx – BEL, Alexander Majorov – SWE and of course Kristóf Forgó – HUN …  and so forth will definitely be fighting for a place on the podium stand or to get close to it here in Budapest.

The LADIES official practice day. The best lady skaters of Europe entered with sharpened skates into the ice podium on their practice day, as: Carolina Kostner – ITA, Mae Berenice Meite – FRA, Julia Lipnitskaia – RUS, Adelina Sotnikova – RUS, Alena Leonova – RUS, Valentina Marchei – ITA, Elena Glebova – EST, Nathalie Weinzierl – GER, Joshi Helgesson – SWE and Danielle MONTALBANO – ISR … just mentioning a couple of princesses on ice. 

The PAIRS official practice day.  Be ready to watch live the performance of their beauty in pair dancing with their enormous talent which surely will  be an extremely delightful evening for many in the audience. On ice will be Andrea Davidovich – Evgeni Krasnopolski – ISR, Stacey Kemp – David King – GBR, Tatiana Volosozhar – Maxim Trankov – RUS, Stefania Berton – Ondrej Hotarek – ITA, Ksenia Stolbova – Fedor Klimov – RUS, Vanessa James – Morgan Cipres – FRA, Vera Bazatova – Yuri Larionov – RUS, Maylin Wende – Daniel Wende – GER, Nicole Della Monica –  Matteo Guarise – ITA.

The ICE DANCE official practise day. One of the gems of the day, breathing the same air with the Europeans awesome free skaters of the year. Hungary will be represented by Dóra Túróczi – Balazs Major, Anna Cappellini – Luca Lanotte – ITA, Elena Ilinykh  – Nikita Katsalapov, – RUS, Penny Coomes – Nicholas Buckland – GBR, Victoria Sinitsina – Ruslan Zhiganshin – RUS, Ekaterina Riazonova – Ilia Tkachenko – RUS, Julia Zlobina – Alexei Sitnikov – AZE, Nelli Zhiganshina – Alexander Gazsi – GER, Charlene Guignard – Marco Fabbri – ITA.

Updated  and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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