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The 2013 year’s Golden Bell Award for Excellence …

The ceremony  took place at  Ms. Szilvia Kárászy’s Salon – Budapest.

Spent an emotional, delightful evening at the outstanding pianist Ms. Szilvia Kárászy Salon, with her invited guest of th evening  Ms. Szilvia Agárdi, on the occasion of handing over the 2013 year’s Golden Bell Award for Excellence. This award was founded by Ms. Szilvia Kárászy developed for the main purpose as to give to the winner to talented,  visually impaired, blind, children, young adults and adults, whom in their professional life made prominent deeds.The previous winners’ stories are about perseverance, life and love to their fellow human beings. As previous awarded winners once said, their missions is not only to overcome themselves in course of the difficulties, but to create something special and lasting  which fulfills their hearts.  The evening was opened  in a so-called talk-show  by the presence of the two  Szilvia’s  a.k.a. „Sissy”  who have the same nickname from brought from their childhood. Went back-and-forth  with Qs and As . Szilva Agárdi  was an easy talking young, pretty lady and if you wouldn’t have had known in advance about her as a visually impaired lady, you wouldn’t have  had recognized  a single bit of it.  Szilvia  was asked to talk about her early  childhood days. She told u show grateful she is for her parents giving her a full life, never felt of being visually impaired, treated  her as a full sight person. Never made her feel the difference! That is why at the age of 4 she already wanted to slip down alone on a sleigh. She was a motile, nimble child. She wanted to try everything what a normal kids of her age are doing. Growing up she went horse riding, also entered at a cross-country race with her visual girlfriend. Here Szilvia told us the full story… Quote: „We both trained at along uneven trails, but when the final day of race came and we both started the race hand-in-hand, after a while in running, I heard her girlfriend saying „Szilvia, you let go of my hand and your running alone”.  My girlfriend was out of breath, lagging behind in the run. I didn’t want to stop, just kept on running and the other people on the run with me gave instruction when/where to turn left … right  when comes the dump and so forth. Much to my  surprise I was told to be the first in the run and won the race.” So as Szilvia said, she wasn’t a sporty gal, but tried herself in several sport activities, swimming, horse riding, cross-country-race. First to face being different was when entering her school years. Was tough for her and her parents in knocking on doors of schools to except Szilvia as if she was a full sighted person. The headmasters didn’t want a visually impaired person to sit in the same classroom with full sight kids. My parents were told I should go to a school where visual injured  are taught. Afterall, at of the interviews  the school’s the headmaster excepted Szilvia to join the elementary class by saying she will  assist in Szilvia’s  learning. At the end of her elementary years she finished with pretty good marks. Of course she received a lot of support in her learning , but  she put it, was mainly enough to have had read for her once the homework and  she memorized it by hearing. She also granulated high-school with nice records. Most of the Hungarians saw at first Ms. Szilvia Agárdi on TV at the „Voice” competition in Hungary. Her voice was outstanding and right away got an entry ticket to join the talented team. Szilva talked about her love for music, which is a deep source of pleasure, expressing herself and almost all all it is a kind of emotional healing. Talking about emotions … one of her performance was outstanding, seeing, hearing  her singing „Halleluja” in the „Voice” competions which  was a presented the viewers. Her intention was this evening to sing to us again, but despite of having a throat ache she coulnd’t make is so we had a recorded  copy to enjoy of the previous TV’s „Voice „  broadcast. The two Sissy’s also stressed the importance of preserving of well-being and the physical conditions. Szilvia Agárdi, indeed is a wonderful example to many human being, that  each-and-everyone of us is responsible for their own well-being, happiness and emotional  life, excepting the paths where they leads us. There is always something good in our deeds.  Szilva talked about  her awesome experiences being at the „Voice” competition, as she said „I would have loved to had been in finalist , but at the 4th path ended in the competition. Szilvia also had a duets with a former „Voice” singer in competing  to represent  Hungary at the 2012 Eurovision Song Contest. At that point her singing seems to have ended in front  of huge audience, but most probably with a her talented voice she will be seen and heard soon to come. During the evening we heard the owner of the salon Ms. Szilvia Kárászy also as a child aged 4 was in the sporty activities, as swimming, rhythmic gymnastics, played handball and tennis, but Szilvia quite soon realized she doesn’t want to hit the charts at the Olympic games. Music gave much more and was close to her, so she kinda given up the sporty life. The evening was filled with pleasures connecting our hearts, soul and the trays full of “tummy” delights prepared by Ms. Szilvia Kárászy in the pumpkin style of the month. Many of our fellow-man should meet often this kinda lovely human being, a shining soul as to be a reminder ain’t  no reason to be down …  all you need is to be well-balanced, sensitive for love and respect … succinctly. Time is never so actual to have more love and openness showed by our own countrymen.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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