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The representatives of the Mellow Mood Group and the Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Clotild Palace invited the media personals to tell us  the good news, received from the London-based International Hotel Awards which announced for the year 2013, the recognition of the hotel to be awarded in the category of  the “BEST INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INTERIOR” located in Budapest.

Within the welcoming words we were told, the hotel was in a competition of  hundreds of worldwide hotels in reaching the International Hotel Award. So, they wish to spread the news of this recognition of the Buddha-Bar Hotel Budapest Clotild Palace to be the first hotel in history to achieve this  distinguished award in Hungary.

Don’t wish to spoil the mood … sorry to say or happy to say … there has been one other hotel in Hungary to have had already received the International Hotel Award, which was the OXIGEN HOTEL AND THE ZEN SPA in Noszvaj in the category of : “The Best New Small Hotel Construction & Design”. Indeed, tailored in an awesome English cottage style. Details at previous update: https://rollinginbudapest.com/2013/11/29/rolling-in-noszvaj-oxigen-hotel-and-the-zen-spa/

So there are two hotels that I am aware of in having to have reached this year in the finalist run to be the „Best … „  by the judgement of jury at the International Hotel Awards. The Buddha-Bar Hotel was also recognized  in Hungary and received the awarded as the “BEST INTERNATIONAL HOTEL INTERIOR” located in Budapest.

Over hundred of hotels around the globe participated in the high expectations within the competition.  A 100-page prospectus was submitted by the Buddha-Bar for the final round of judging; therein was presented the history of the 1901 built Clotild Palace with its twin building  (built by Mr. Kálmán Giergl, one of the significant Hungarian architect in the eclectic style), details of reconstruction work, historical monument protection-related aspects and interior design plans. Last year when the reconstruction works ended, opened its huge doors in mid-June and invited guest into a world of dreams. The five-star luxury hotel in the historical building received its well deserved honor. The hotel has just  what to expect from a 5-stars hotel, meeting facilities, spa, 102 Asian-style rooms, a couple of suites. The interiors of the luxury hotel is simply breathtaking.

The Hotel stands facing to the Elizabeth Bridge, just a short walk to the River Danube. The Buddha-Bar Hotel is in the line of the 2nd hotel in Europe. The first was opened in Prague – 2009. With the opening of the Budapest’s Buddha-Bar Hotel it stands as the 15th hotel around the world.

The Mellow Mood general managers Sameer Hamdan and Zuhair Awad were on hand to accept the award, stating the prize, Quote: „This  international award was an important recognition for the Buddha-Bar Hotel, since it will draw the attention of the Hungarian and the international hospitality industry to this unique investment.”  The GMs thanked the architectural and interior design teams of REV Architecture, Design Wapler and the Mérték Architect Studio for their contribution and involvement with the recent reconstruction. The Mellow Mood Hotels was founded in Hungary in 1994 and today operates 13 hotels in Budapest and one in Vienna.

Following the presentation they invited members of the press to taste a selection of the house’s special snacks.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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