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Open from 11 a.m. – 11 p.m.

District,  VIII.,  1.  Horánszky Str.

Headed by invitation to the press presentation at the latest and pretty sure this will be a well-known place in Budapest to be visited frequently by many in the future … Why (?) Here it goes … In deed a nice little gem close to the downtown area at District VII. in Budapest.

This update will go on just like being at the theater … Act one … Stepping into the Curry House, the first impression that faced you was the smiling folks welcoming the invited press individuals. A smile answers with a smile! Even for a short time made you feel relaxed before having to rush to catch up with your day. Welcome, cocktails,  appetizers came first, then came great bits-and-peices Indian style of yums and cocktails a’la India Style shaken, not stirred by the Head Bartender, but first things first …

Act two …  Managing Director Mr.Zulkarnain Saer Khan, from Bangladesh  gave a short introduction of the house saying, Quote: ““India is very diverse: every state has its own traditions, regarding culture and gastronomy. What unifies all Indian dishes is the spices that bring them their characteristic fragrance and flavor. Outside this beautiful country, one particular word, the curry became synonymous with Indian food. Indeed, ‘curry powder’ is a key ingredient of Indian dishes. Indian dishes that are now available, at their best, in town, as Budapest’s newest Indian restaurant Curry House opened on October 5, to introduce authentic Indian dishes from ALL OVER India.  The Curry House creates contemporary and delectable dishes which are hand crafted and have been attained through the use of carefully sourced ingredients, using the finest range of natural and traditional South Asian ingredients and classic cooking techniques.”  Were also told, that the idea behind Curry House comes from the owner’s one and half years of personal research on South Asia: Indian, Pakistani, Bangladesh restaurant business in the CEE Region. He has long-term plans with Curry House. He would like to see the brand become a household name in the CEE region. By the year 2020, he is willing to open his Curry House restaurants in five other countries beside Hungary. Regarding plans for the future here at the Curry House, we were told they ain’t hiding any recipes for those folks interested in cooking the Indian way. The Curry House has plans in introduce cooking classes in the near future.  Also he is having second thoughts in opening two more Curry House in Budapest. One more here on the Pest side and one over the River Danube at the Buda side. Not yet known the whereabouts. To trigger our interest and appetite we found out have daily menus which flies the guests from over Mumbai to Calcutta, from Himachal Pradesh to South India on a culinary tour. Talking about the references, well he has many: the Sofitel Dubai, Dubai Marine Beach Resorts and The British Club in Abu Dhabi.  Head Bartender  Mr. Saurabh Mathur , from India was trained by the finest professionals. He has worked for the Hard Rock Café Mumbai, Rock Bottom Dubai, MGM Macau Hotel, Dubai Marine Beach Resorts and Rotana Group before joining the Curry House team. The Chef  Mr. Shyam Shrestha, from Nepal goes straight to our gustation in tasting. The yummies with their special spices were out of this world. He knows how to make food to perfection: fresh and ‘desi’ (very Indian).  It’s important that he serves halal meat only … For those who are not familiar what the word halal stands for, he said it is an Arabic word that means permissible and in terms of food meaning food that is permissible according to Islamic law.

Act three: After the presentation by Mr. Zulkarnain Saer Khan, the press representatives were invited to have a seat and shortly we all were Rolling in India on a gastronomy route in having a taste of the varieties of the house. Came the fabulous lunch buffet by very attentive service of the staff and their smiles were catching. I think it’s pretty fair to say this is so far the best Indian Food Place in Budapest. The quality meals, the wall painting, decorative elements on the wall, the inside atmosphere is just superb. Added to the India feeling was the low Indian music, well packed to enlose a bit your day. Talking about the food, have a word or two of the fillings in  the tasting bowls … at first the warm bread, for the bread lovers had the pleasure to taste the Naan. thereafter, busy hands brought the irresistable tasty Chicken Saag which were served in a traditional beautiful Indian bowls, just like the spinach with potatoes and, the Basmati rice … the Basmati rice makes the rice hater go back for thirds! We were in good hands when it came to drinks. Beside the cocktails, soft and fresh fruit drinks  the house has some nice India beers as the premium beer: COBRA … Mind you have a look at the bottle before putting it down. Gosh, images on the bottle reveals of an excellent designer.

The staff is a bunch of international folks, so forget the language problems here in Budapest.

From now on needn’t have to stumble upon to find the yummiest Indian food in Budapest. Hopefully, the update will interest many in the future to want to find out to see on their own and taste the delicious Indian food here close to the Downtown in Budapest.

Food is great, lots of smiles, personal attention, good folks and staff is friendly… Need anything more!?!

All I can say is yum!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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