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Hunting Horn opening at the sixth craft Hungarian  flavors fair.

This year the main stars at the fair’s stand will be the wild game meat and  fish!

District II., Millennium Park – Budapest – November, 8-10.2013.

At the  3days fair, all will find what their taste satisfies them, that’s for sure!

The Bestillo” Pálinka House: The House brought a wide variety of pálinka to the fair. The pálinka is produced from all the fruits growing in the area. Wish to pick one out from the stand, which was the apricot pálinka from the Gönc. It’s unique by itself. Not just because it is classified by the Codex Alimentarius Hungaricus, but of many apricot palinka prepared in Hungary the apricot pálinka from Gönc is absolutely rich in taste and in sence is simple like biting into a fresh ripe juicy apricot in the summertime. The area where the apricot grows is one of the best area in the North of Hungary. The apricot pálinka from Gönc received in 2006 the Champion award. Beside the apricot pálinka, the half cutted apricot jams were also to be taste and purchased. During the gloomy, mist winter days, the ray of the sunshine within these fruits are bottled and has a deep reminder of the fruits  tasted on the past hot summer days. The surrounding area also has plantation of the dark color plums from which also are producted pálinka and the black heavy plum jams … so was told by the lady at the stand.

„Tokaj-Hegyaljai” Wine Jams: The world-famous Tokaj wine and the wines from the hills at Tokaj are characterized by two different grape varieties, the Furmint and Lime leaf. The wonderful jams are cooked for 5Hs  together with 7 natural ingredients and  are thickened with pectin, then after bottled without any ingredients.For those who love the taste of the Tokaj wines surely met the flavor within the pure herb soft drink products at the fair. no ingredients. Definitely a refreshing new winery taste bottled in the jams and juices. Tokaji Furmint grapes and made ​​wine, lime leaves, boiled for about 5 hours, 7 main agent flavored and thickened with pectin.

The pumpkin seeds oil, known by locals at Őrség, (Western Hungary, just a few kilometers from the Austria border), as the gold of the area. Producing traditionally hot-pressed pumpkin seeds, walnut, hazelnut oil and by cold pressed are: walnuts, pumpkin seeds, grape seed, flax-seed, apricot seed, poppy hip. The visitors at the fair were able to taste these oils and purchase them. As I found out from Pál Batha, long ago the pumpkins was grown to feed the animals in the wintertime, not really paying attention to the pumpkin seeds oil. To-day, pumpkin seeds oil was promoted, it comes first. Within its richness among other things, is ultra-rich in vitamins, immune-boosting as well-being consumed.

Are many honey stands to stop by, have a taste of the Typical Hungarian Honey Varities, such as  the Acacia, Lime, Silkweed, Sunflower Rape and many others collected by the buzzing bees around the rich bloom fields, hills, hillside, forest territories  of Hungary. In the ancient times the Greeks believed that honey originated from celestial dew. To-day as many may know, honey is one of the natural food which collected by bees and one-by-one made from floral nectar. Bees collect the  sweet nectar in their honeybags, the visitors also collected some bottles at the fair in the carrybags.

Was delighted to see, the winner of the products  from the last,  the 5th  Hungarian home-made arts and crafts fair to be present this time at the 6th fair with their regular and new products. So visiting the stand of the products of  Katalin and Árpád Török from Ada – Serbia  is a wonderful reminder and  gaining experience of the old market days when the audience stop by to taste the eye-catching bottles, jars  filled with  heavenly  flavors of fruits, nectar, the “miracle” blackberry wine vinegar. (Probably not an exaggeration to mention that the world’s most powerful fat-eater is the mulberry vinegar) ,  the hand-made quince jelly, which is typical Hungarian delight and many kind of medicinal herbs provided by nature.All the jams are prepared with  cane and many are without for Diabetics.

Beside the pálinka and wines from Hungary, the Hungarians are also fond of drinking the well-know regular brands of beers. Now-a-days the beers are on a new platform by adding natural fruit flavors. Young and elder folks are beginning to enjoy beside  or along the Pilsen type lager and the heavy dark beers to have a jar of  Sour Cherry, Strawberry, Plum, Sour flavored beers. A couple of these flavors were present at the fair by the Békésszentandrási brewery.

Talking about the beers … Coming to be in favor, especially in the season we are heading to when the chilly weather is around every corner the “Köleses” Mullet Beer is just what we need. Wonderful selection of spices in the Köleses Mullet Beer. Came out with a new brand, the he semi-dark mullet beer which is also now  on  available . As the owner  “Bandus” told me they are full year around search, testing, strive to traditional recipes and to find the basic ingredients to be in use. By drinking the hot or cold mullet  beer, all may be certain they are on the right track to have a healthy sip.

The hand-made  “sweetbox” were not missing and available for the visitors. The well design boxes already had  the sign of the season of gifts to come soon. Also chocolates to bring the atmosphere of Xmas.  Many know  the life, times and music of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but here bat the fair another side to introduce the famous musician was  all-in-all  related to  the hand-made sweets marked with the name of Mozart , and “Sissi” the  Empress of Austria, Queen of Hungary photograph on the chocolate boxes.

Since the hunting season is on,  the hog, wild boar deer in many forms were present by the producers. Other delicious delights as goose, duck, trout,  the famous Békéscsabai sausages, smoked meats  were available to purchase throughout the three-days fair.

As we humans say … “the dog is man’s companion”, but  as  for László Sáfrány (Mr. Saffron), as he said for him is the trout! Mr Saffron at Szilvásváradi is the trout farm owner. He built the first fish smoke house in Hungary and in the beginning only had freshwater trout, then later on other even saltwater fish as well was available on the spot.

First occasion to the fair  Ms. Emese Csíki brought her special tea and spices, from Szentábrahám – Transylvania. You can taste, you can even buy several different types of tea and spices on the spot.  She and her two sons brought dozens of medicinal herbs to familiarize, taste the flavors ripened by the sun from her Flowerville.  Opening a pack you can really smell the scent of the fresh herbs and see the leaves  one-by-one, no grinding.

Last but not least couldn’t end the update with leaving out the VitaBox, family owned producers fill each-and-every card box whether 5 liter or 2 litre packs with the 100% natural fruit juice. Freshly squeezed, just like biting into the fruits itself. No additional material is included!  This season they came out with a new flavor, a mixture of apple, carrot and beetroot all in one fruit box. A  wide flavor selection was out for tasting for the visitors. Edit the owner didn’t allow anybody to pass the stand before not having a taste of these nutritious delicious fruit drinks.




Update, snaps, video by Aggie Reiter

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