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Here comes the Sixth National Gallop Race …

September, 20-22. Heroes Square – Budapest …

this year for the first time as the …

First International Gallop Race.


As it was stated at the press and media conference, Hungary’s real roots and one of the most well-known tradition of cultivating the National Gallop has provided and proved over a thousand years many recognition and remembrance of past, which says „This Nation were grown on horses!

Mr. Peter Szijjártó, the Prime Minister’s Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs and Foreign Economic Relations, expressed his honor to be asked to be the patronage of the National Gallop. As he said, quote: “Hungary has become now a trademark, has have had a series of equestrian events. Now again the Hungarians can show the world their courage, hospitality, brotherhoods throughout the horse race.”

Mr. Vilmos Lázár, the Hungarian Horse Association and president of the National Gallop said, quote: “This international race is just at the beginning and hopefully this race gathering will involve to a great future. The love of horses, the equestrian sport is great for foundation of human relationships and they may also provide a stable basis for a successful long-term  business relationship”

In the forthcoming week-end get ready to be at the best attraction in Budapest.  The Heroes’ Square area is stunning, no wonder the visitors spend hours at its surrounding. It will be for the time being the scenario for the 6th National Gallop Race, and for the good news to sound even better, this year’s National Gallop will be spreading it’s grounds … after the last year’s horses pounding was heard at near-and-far …  to welcome horse-racers and expand this racing event to the First International Horse Race. So during the week-end the area will be transformed to a ring of horse racing at the Heroes’ Square.  After last year’s 5th National Gallop Race and now comes the twist …  the good news sounds even better.  This year’s National Gallop will be spreading it’s grounds after the last year’s horses pounding was heard at near-and-far by welcoming horse racers  to the First  International Horse Race.  Horse-racers, beside the Hungarians will participate among the starters from eight countries: Slovakia, Serbia, Czech Republic, Kuwait, Qatar, United Arab Emirate, Malta and Kazakhstan.

 The draw took place on Thursday at the National Equestrian Center in Budapest and the competitors found out who will compete on which horse and the circle they will ride.  As to the first heat of the draw was: Serbia, Qatar, Malta and the Czech Republic. The second, Slovakia, Hungary, Kazakhstan and the United Arab Emirates competes rider. The heats of the first two finishers,  advance to the international finals commencing at 5.30 p.m.

The organizers are opening a new chapter on the ground of horse races, horse shows and breathtaking tricks and stunts attraction.

As for to-day, the competitors were expected to come by their own to the race, but who knows what tomorrow may bring, maybe in the future they will bring along their own horses.  In the mean time, the riders will have full-time to practise and build buddy emotions during the coming two days riding on the Hungarian breeds, which the organizers have had given to their disposal pre-and during the race.

On Saturday, September, 21. twelve preliminary heats are held. In each race the 1st and 2nd place will take place in advance to the next day’s middle rounds and the 4th and 5th place will head to the semi-finals. These winners will qualify to participate at the afternoon’s finals.

On Sunday, September, 22, two rounds of races will be held, whereas, the first two finishers will be in the international finals.

Competitors participating in the race will all have on their disposal horses from the Bábolna National Stud Farm.  By-the-way,  see the snaps of the horses with their names at:

In accordance with the traditions of previous years, the National Gallop will dedicate in memorial to one of the major Hungarian individual known in the military history. This year will be dedicated to Baron József Simonyi (1771-1832). Simonyi was better known as Óbester legendary cavalry officer, who was named “The most valiant knight” accolade peers. At the age of fifteen was already a Hussar. In 1813 participated at Leipzig against the “Battle of Peoples” Napoleon. Simonyi’s memorial major figure will be places at the Heroe Square.

In the coming week-end get ready to be at the place where things happen …  best attraction in Budapest.  The Heroes’ Square area is stunning, no wonder the visitors spend hours at its surrounding, but this time  a venue as a Horse Race Arena at  the 6th National Gallop Race, and for the good news to sound even better, this year’s National Gallop will be spreading it’s grounds … after the last year’s horses pounding was heard at near-and-far …  to welcome horse-racers and expand this racing level even higher as the First International Horse Race.

According to the traditions of previous years: cavalry, pushing race car, carriage driving, show-jumping competition, our historical horse and gallop barriers, in a total of seventy horsemen will also brighten up the day.

Also was told … Just as in the previous years … the 1st. prize for the champion of the day will be five million HUF and the award of a wandering 1848 cavalry saber.

As for the past year’s success in having special Hungarian food, wine, pálinka (the hot-shot) soft drinks, sweets and cakes, everything yummy that meets the eye on the spot will be available. This year the Country’s Kitchen will be standing on the way by the Art Gallery down through the ’56’s Square area offering traditional Hungarian cuisine. On the Andrássy Blvd’s Promenade Hungary’s regional cities are to show their local culture, traditions and food.

Hopefully, many have had already marked the dates to spend their (this coming) week-end at the Heroes Square at the best and gigantic show in Hungary. It is free of charge just like in the previous years, BUT to have a seat at the grandstand just at the Start and Finish line tickets will be available at the tickets ont he spot, but it is up to the visitors to decide, So-if-so worth to hurry up on the day because the places are sold out in a glance.

Hundreds of participants and countless visitors have already proved by their presence that  the National Gallop is a  superb event not to be missed. As far as the weatherman’s word … no rain, smooth Indian Summer is to be throughout the week-end.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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