Get ready for rolling over to Chile in the upcoming three days trip in Budapest starting next Friday throughout the  week-end.

 March, 22. – 24. 2013.

Just incase this shocking snowy and stormy cold weather throughout the country brought you down, don’t worry spring „must know it’s way” and it will hopefully hook up next week in our country. Looking forward to the wine specialties of domestic and foreigners interested to have the experience of the atmosphere of wines from Chile. Pardon me for one thing, but cannot bring the view of the tall palm trees, the warmth of the swaying breeze by the boardwalk beside the Ocean from Chile, but  the organizers of the „Vintage Adventures and Culture in Latin America” will surely bring the feeling of the warmth of the harvest that is just taking place in the Chilean fall with the harmonious wines at the Fogasház during the 3 days events.

As mentioned in the previous update, see:  the Embassy of Chile as one of the main sponsors jointly with the Wein Import Hungary Chile and the Latin American Association. They jointly invites to join, be a part at this celebration at the open doors and windows showing the colorful land and culture of South America. One of the major marks of Chile is their superb wines. Previously, heard, not tasted yet the wine from  the Casablanca Valley which is known as to be the similar to the popularity gained as the area of Marlborough, New Zealand. The major oceanic effects on human land suitable for elegant and harmonious structured wines. The wines from here show intense aromas, and full maturity in addition to dynamic, but still make it really nice acids derived from the harmonious wines. The ripening period brings a deep and rich flavors of the grapes.

I’d love to be the growing grapes at the Casablanca Valley where the days are mostly in the 28C degree and the nights ain’t so cold, only around 5C,  but to be serious anyone can enjoy and relax during the next week-end with a glass of Chilean wine whilst ” tasting”- “visiting” – “listening”  “dancing” to the hot  music of South America.

Throughout the 3 days the admission is free to the event.

For the tasting, registration is required to participate, the advance ticket price is 2500HUF  and at the spot on the actual day will be 2800HUF.

Location to the Gear House „Fogasház”  District VII. – 51 Akácfa Str. Budapest

Opening Ceremony starts at 4 p.m.- 4.30 po.m. on Friday, March 22. Continues with Cuban Salsa Dance Tutorial Diabolica at 4:30 p.m. – 5 p.m. thereafter, at 5 p.m. – 6 p.m. Ms. Zsuzsanna Kasza, editor, Barrera and Patricio Baeza photos by Venezuelan and Chilean painters  exhibition opening will be held.

Continuing the afternoon’s programs there will be every evening a party to close the day’s event, dominated by featuring music from the continent.

The organizers wish to involve the audience with presentations of the country. There will be questions out to the visitors … Have you ever tasted the wines of Chile? Have you ever danced tango or samba? Have you read any South American author’s literary works? Interested in South American culture, gastronomy, wines, literature or the hot atmosphere of music and mood in dancing? Interested? Then there is your place at the high events of the „Vintage Adventures and Culture in Latin America” The films will be presented with Hungarian subtitles. Kids corner will also be set on the spot.

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