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Needn’t have to say … Verdi’s Nabucco is one of the world’s magnificant opera  and it arrived  to  the Miskolc National Theater!

Verdi’s grand opera, the Nabucco came alive on Friday, February, 22. 2013.  was on stage at the relatively small city of Miskolc’s National Theater compared to the capital Budapest’s National Theater, but even though of the sizes, the theater and the size of the city itself, the opera play was the-night-of-the night’s with a spectacular performance.  The house was absolutely full. The designing of the chorus stage of placement was an impressive catch by the director by using every inch-by-inch the placing of the chorus beside the rows of the audience. So even though the stage was rather small for a gigantic scene, the choreography and the director’s  arrangements were outstanding! Let alone of the high season of colds and flu, the singer vocal performances was acceptable and  good in acting.

Throughout the decades Nabucco stands far with his superior piece of Verdi, who was only 27 years old when he composed this great piece of art. Nabucco opera opened theaters not just in Italy and many parts of the world. The local opera lovers and even from Budapest, groups were interested to see the performance at the Miskolc National Theater. Many may know, but for those „few” who are just going to get acquainted with the opera act here is a brief background:

It holds a biblical story, taking place in 578BC. Babylonian King Nabucco occupied Jerusalem, stroyed the city and the Temple of Solomon, the Jewish people in captivity. Nabucco’s has two daughters: Abigail and Fenena. Fenena falls in love with a Jewish boy Izmaellel who saved his life. Abigel turns out, not a descendant of Nabucco, it is not entitled to inherit the throne. Abigail still decides to take over. Fate favors him because Nabucco declares himself God, when a lightning struck him down, and from his mind confused. Abigail possession of power wants the Jews to death, and they Fenenát, who was on their side. The judgment of the confusion made the minded king stringer as well. Nabucco is a lucid moment and then realizes what he’s done. Desperation of the Jews pray to God who heals and returns the old level. In time can prevent Fenena sacrificed on the altar of Baal. Abigail poisoned himself. The King of the Jews returned to freedom, return home countries.

Preformers: Ms. Szilvia Rálik, as Abigail, Ms. Anett Baranyai, as Anna, Ms. Gabriella Busa, as Fenena, Mr. István Horváth, as Ishmael, Mr. Titusz Tóbisz, as Abdalla, Viktor Massányi, as Nabucco, Mr. István Rácz, as Zechariah, Mr.Károly Kincses, as High Priest of Baal.

Music was awesome by the participation of the Miskolc National Theater Orchestra, choir, the dance faculty and chorus of the Csokonai Theater, Bertalan Szemere Secondary School, High School students of Győző Balázs Reformed.  Child Actors: Anna Kőhegyi, Frida Fandl, Johan Lichy.

Mr. György Kesselyák, Liszt-awarded musical director, Mr. Attila Kozma, Choregrapher, Ms. Maria Tóth and Timea Bundzik, tutors, Ms. Erika Radnai, assistant director, Ms. Krisztina Reiter, the help, Ms. Edit Zeke, set design,  Mr. Jankó Papp, Costume designer.


All things must come to an end and here the stage was so colorful, full of the performers as they were called back on stage by the audience clapping, cheering loud for more than a half-a-dozen times.

The photos are from the source of the Miskolc National Theater.

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