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 District VI., 7  Hajós Street – Budapest

Recently, I had a rather pleasant surprise of the variety of glamour underwears at the La Perla shop at the opening ceremony in Budapest.

On this occasion  La Perla invited from various fields special guests as to participate at the opening ceremony.  Mr. Tim Brasher, CEO and Mr.Andrea Bonardi, Export Director and Ms. Patrizia Marino, Brand Manager  representing La Perla were also present at this superb opening  ceremony.

Taking a walk inside the shop, I found the most ever exclusive stockings decorated with Swarovski stones. There were lovely knitted, meshed, crocheted,  elegant stockings. I just couldn’t resist in not telling Mr. Brasher how much the word socks for these elegantly formed footwear disappoints me.  We both agreed the named footwear as socks is an “oldtimer”.  For me the socks simply sucks! The name surely reminds me and perhaps  many  to those days when the socks were socks … warm and heavy, thick and had the union look. I wonder when and who will rename this new generation of the womanish glamouse style of “socks” with a new trendy name, as if just inventing the wheel!

During the forthcoming opera plays many will stop by to have a glance at this especially decorated shop. I wouldn’t be surprised whether before or after spending an evening at the opera, a lady with her hubby would take a walk over and have a look at the new shop and perhaps the next following days will not just go window shopping but enter the elegant cosy place to see and feel the set patterns and the amazing selection of bras, briefs, body and bustier, cosy homewear, nightgowns, pyjamas, baby-doll, dressing gowns, swimwear, loungewear.  Any of the pieces can be varied in many ways.

Of course the men were not forgotten, for them  the La Perla brand has a wide selection of  “tricky … touchy …therapy … business … hunting” underwear, to be purchased as well.

The La Perla has their own brand of perfumes with three different fragrances. Everyone who wished to discovered the scent received a sprinkle. Gosh for me  the  J’aime La Nuit “The Night”  was number one, carried me away. Very elegant and lovable scent.

An opening of a new shop here in Budapest cannot go on without a raffle draw. The evening hit the „jackpot” for two lucky winners. The first prize went out for a lady worth a 100.000HUF, the second a male was the lucky guy with worth 50.000 HUF voucher. Of course, an easy guess … the two winners right away were in the shop searching for their kind of wear.

The La Perla … the Italian born “chick” conquered the ladies  and soon became to be on the shelves  first in Italy  more precisely,  at Bologna. The La Perla, as the brand  came out  in Bologna in 1954. Ms. Ada Masotti was the founder,  the first person who wished and made the first ​​corsets, for wealthy women with her co-worker Ubaldo Borgomanero.

Slowly, but surely just like a spider in the web  braided may hearts and became the classy lady’s wear. As these light and yet so revealing lingerie appeared … boom … right away became popular. These  lingeries  not  too many ladies nor the opposite sex may have met before. A new generation of lingeries hit the more daring, courageous women or should I say the revolution in the land of lingeries has made its way.

I am probably not on my own thinking of those way back  days when on the shelves mainly “grandma nightdress” and the whales bones were so popular in those old style of corsets were out, not to mention by having to wear  those „wonderful panties” for many surely left a handful of pain and a lot of unpleasant memories. My goodness, they weren’t  the most liked feminine supplies, but in those days there were two options … like it or leave it!

After opening the brand  in Italy, rolled in the line: France, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Austria, Holland, Belgium, United Kingdom, Greece, Finland, Sweden, Luxembourg, Ireland, Denmark, Switzerland, Cyprus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia and of course over the ocean to the States.

Finally don’t have to  trace, shop abroad , the La Perla has finally found its way to opened its store at Budapest. Where else, than situated next to the Hungarian Opera House, in the very heart of Budapest (on the Pest side) A shop which  is just like the Opera House, with its unique glamour in-and-outside  the La Perla shares its unique touch.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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