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This Sunday was hot … not only the weather was quite unbearable with the 36-38C  but the Catalans heated the air with their continues shows. Only a 20 minute of  “tropical rain” cut off the show but afterwards it continued as nothing has happened with performances of  the grand Minyons de Terrassa – Human tower, Musica tradicional – Traditional Catalan Folk music, Havaneres – Habanero, Gigants, Falcons, The Esbarts, Castells, Dracs – Dragons, Diables – Devils, Cobla – Catalan folk dancing,   BigHeads, Bestiari festiu – Bestiary festive, Ball de bastons – Stick dancing,  last but not least  the 70 years old giant puppets often strolled along the audience.

The Catalan unique visual world debuted at its best with their  ARTFOLK  production in Budapest.Let alone, it was a short  three days visit, but  from early morning  up till late night the Liberty “Szabadság” Square was overcrowed by locals and tourist from the States, Canada, Sweden, Austria, UK, Mexico  at least I dumped into these tourist interested in the show performances. The Catalans surely have the key to open ears and eyes to take many on an entertainment ride.

One of the grand attraction was the  Catalonian  made  “Rom Pujol” rum on fire, then after the public could have the tastings. It did not cause any dizziness, cause the main part of the alcohol burned, it remained a nice sweety flavor.

As it got darker-and-darker and closely reaching the culminating in performances, the audience had a chance to see a superb show that couldn’t have had been arranged better at the circus: The flying mythical Turul bird, the huge fireworks, air acrobats, fire-breathing dragon, devil figures, dancing with the “bear” filled the Szabadság Square.

At the  official closing  ceremony  Ms. Zsófia Vitézy, Head of the Budapest Festival Center, thanked in the name of  the Metropolitan Municipality all the members of the Catalan for giving us, the Hungarians an enjoyable 3 days of the Catalans feeling with the shows of the awesome artists.  The  ten-stories tower performed  by the acrobatics was a  real breathtaking  act. This show for the Catalans holds a symbolic message of Courage, Togetherness and the attention to each other. This also is a lesson for us Hungarians.  We should all learn this from the Catalans, as we very much need in our everyday here in Hungary,  closed her talk.

It was announced by the president of the ADIFOLK  Mr. Antoni Vinas representing Catalan autonomous government the next year’s, Aplec International Catalan Culture Days to be held  in  Marseille. That will be the Aplec’s 26th Birthday.

Before the lights went out the whole audience at the  Liberty “Szabadság” Square sang as one, waved back-and-forth to eachother, smiles were big and wide and some huged and kissed each other as old friend do in Catalan stlye by saying good-bye. The Catalans said good-bye and most probably will leave with making great friendships here in Budapest.

Who were out on all the 3 days surely had a little culture, folk, amusement visit in Catalan. Great Spanish yummies prepared by the Zöld Pardon and Hungarian fried bread “lángos” specialities and the wines and pálinka could not be missed on the spot.

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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