Here is a reminder to spend your next few days to come to the Hungarian hand-made flavors and craft wear Fair.

The doors will open again to welcome all those people who have had been previous visitors during the last year’s Fair and also to the new visitors.

This year just like in the previous years there will be a bunch of programs beside and along the tasting stand to fill all your week-end days. So if you are keen on getting to know more about the Hungarian hand-made tastes from meat, through cheese and the melting sweets and of course can’t be left out the grand selection of Hungarian wines and Pálinka, the hot spirit in various fruit tastes, so there’s your place to be. Take some home and layback and enjoy the beautiful flavors.

As already herald the news, this year goes the same as it was in the previous years, the day ticket price can be fully redeemed during your shopping at the Fair.

Just to mention a couple of programs during the three days Fair:

Friday, March 9.

Sausage-filling, making cheese, Hungarian kitchen talk show with  food tastes, preparing Choco bunnies and cookies for the coming Easter holiday

Evening’s event, getting into the mood: 7.30 p.m. – The Balkán Fanatik

Saturday, March, 10.

Another day for sausage-filling and making cheese and off you go for another adventure of Hungarian kitchen talk show, also honey in many forms you’ll be surprised.

Afternoon’s event: 3.30 p.m. – The Borra-Való Band gives the gig.

Sunday, March, 11.

11 a.m. the Alma band and at 3 p.m. –

The Bora-Való Band ensures the good mood.

The final day to be present at the sausage-filling, cheese-making and on top will be the to see how the famous, tasty marzipan is made.

You will surely calm your desire by tasting the mouth-watering Hungarian hand-made flavors.

As a reminder, here is my previous update to the Hungarian hand-made flavors and craft-wear:

Now the floor is yours. Good appetite!

Update by Aggie Reiter

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