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Anyone can travel to the Carnival “on foot”!

Go for it … be present  at the Carnevalville within the walls of the PECSA Music and Conference Hall!

14th District – 14 Zichy Mihány  Str. Budapest

10th of March, 2012.

The music culture that has spread throughout Brazil is astonishing and now coming to Budapest to the PECSA Music and Conference Hall. Hopefully the beloved sun might be on its way, but in the meantime if you don’t mind getting a bit soaked your time has come capture the endless world of rhythm and harmony at the Carnevalville in Budapest. Add extra vigor and color rewarding to your everyday by dancing, singing, laughing and feel the Brazilians happiness.The carnival sound of music will embrace everybody who welcomes music with heart and soul.

During the late afternoon hours, we learned at the press conference held by the organizers of Carnevalville in Budapest who are going to be the guests of the evening.

The evening’s guest will be Mr. Árpa Attila and Mr.Viktor Varga, who will be taking care of getting into mood. Will be an excellent entertainment aimed not for just young people. A full day programs will be running with everything that goes to the feeling of being at the carneval. The astonishing feeling will be sure to get you up on your feet and dance. It will be a breathtaking experience not just because of dancing the night away, but also the fashion show will be an eye-catching experience.

During this evening Ms. Mathilda Jánosi, TildArt eco fashion designer, will have her first showcase of her collection, using basically the caoutchouc , rubber and inner tubes, the material that stands for the homeland of Brazil. These materials inspired her to make her latest collection that will be on stage at the Budapest Brazilian Carnival. Her creations are based on the theme of protecting our environment and more to it headlining the environmental awareness with recycled materials. The Brazil-related fashion show will be on the catwalk models by Ms. Enikő Sütő.

The press conference was joined by Mr.Viktor Varga, Ms. Csilla Csomor, Mr. Attila Müller, Ms.Brigitta Erdőhegyi and Ms. Márta Brunner, who all dedicated athletics and regular T-shirts, that will be out on an on-line auction arranged under the frame of the organizers. The amount so received with the Carnival’s sold raffle tickets will be donated to the fund of the “Christmas Factory”.

Ending the press conference was as lucky enough to get a slice of the colorful show to come. Now anyone can get more than a slice by attending the “party”. So get ready, steady and GO!!!

Update and snaps Aggie Reiter

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