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(In 1950, the State Ballet Institute, was established in the Hungarian Dance Academy. The main purpose was to support within the special training in this academic institution. To provide: the dancers with professional responsibility, dance teachers, choreographers and theoretical training of professionals to the universal and the national culture. Also including the values of dance, based on their high level of craftsmanship used in the domestic and international dance scene artistic, educational and creative activities.)

Sometimes it is not the right time to make compliments in carrying out changes, but the “must” sometimes have to be been taken seriously. This happened at the Hungarian Dance Academy by the commitment to improve the energy efficiency and reduce energy costs.


Mr. György Szakály, Rector and Ms. Julianna Rajta , Project manager at the Hungarian Dance Academy invited the press and media representatives to the gathering combined with a presentation ceremony, as to share their news and joy with us to their newly  renovated building’s doors and windows.  Also Mr. Gábor Stumph, Managing Director at AMPAST,  Ms. Emese Gáspár, Project assistant were present. The past years these objects were hardly to be closed properly and  it gave hard time for the 300 to 450 training people at the indoors of the Academy. The project was supported by the European Union and on upon the Hungarian side by the New Széchényi Plan, the Cohesion Fund, co-financing. The project cost was almost 45million HUF that was supported by 85% of the European Union and 15% by the Hungarian Nation.

The Hungarian Dance Academy completed its library development project at the end of December 2011. not much time has passed and the tender to realize the building’s thermal renovation took place and now in February 2012. the rector of the Academy was happy to say: “We have reached our goal. The Environment and Energy Operational Program provided the us the  right support system. The energy consumption provided for the future the lower cost of heating to the Hungarian Dance Academy. The High School building insulation and window replacement was achieved through the application.  Furthermore, after the replacement of the windows, they are good through closing, there will be no cover, the heat insulation of the inner wall temperature will be higher, the better for the students and staff comfort. The 132 number of windows had been replaced. The project was supported by the European Union and funded by the support of the Cohesion Fund.”

Thanks to the investment it dues to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions and as once said by Mr. Neil Armstrong: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.” To-day it is more than important than ever!

Significantly, red and the natural gas consumption, ie moderating the energy bill of cca. 2.7 million HUF/ year. Of course the economic savings will be significantly much more.

At the end of the press gathering, the college students gave a short performance to show their kindness to the appeared press and media  members. Strolling up to the slide show can be seen bit-and-peices of the grand performances like : Tchaikovsky: Nut-cracker, Tchaikovsky: Swan Lake,  Minkus – Petipa: Pirate,  Hungarian folk dance: Rotation dance of “Pálpataki”, Hungarian folk dance “Czardas”: slow and fresh from “Madocsa”, Dense and rare pace from “Széki” area, Tchaikovsky:  Russian dance from the Nut-cracker.

Between February, 24 to 29.  the Berlin Dance Olympics will be held.  Ms. Noemi Verbőczi  and Mr. Kristóf Kovács,  both of them aged 14 and  in the IVth. professional year of their ballet class will join the tournament as to be presenting the Hungarian Dance Academy.

Wish to close my update by saying … Thanks to the investment that dues to decrease the greenhouse gas emissions and as once said by the famous Mr. Neil Armstrong: “That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”  To-day it is more than important than ever!

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter
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