Super-fast mobile-net throughout the underground lines Number 2 (red sign) and Number 3 (blue sign) in  Budapest

Today afternoon was present on a demo show of the super-fast mobile Internet provided by the Vodaphone. The demo was on the running train especially brought to the scene at the Stadion Station (underground line number 2). Traveling through 20 minutes with speed from 40 kms up to the maximum of 70 kms/H  with changing underground line to number 2.  was a sophisticated experience. No ordinary travellors have ever had this treat before. The two underground lines are connected with uneven deepth yet only those could have seen the difference who traveled in the last train. Otherwise our sence didn’t feel a thing in the change of levels. We all received a small  pack of  Vodaphone goodies, included with a Santa Claus’s red hat.  That was a kinda distinguishing mark wearing Santa Claus’s red hats. The train didn’t stop at any station to pick up the passangers. We were  like”shooting stars” from station-to-stations. Most probably that evening there were two versions of that afternoon’s  experiences. For the media and press was for the first time to trvavel on this route and the first occasion to click and pick up the super-fast mobil internet while traveling cca. 38meters under the ground. It was working fine. While others  may have told their friends and family they saw a bunch of  happy Santa Claus’s with their red color hat speeding through the underground stations.

Even though December 6, is the day for Santa Claus arrival, but to-day on the 7th of December another kinda Santa Claus was the Vodaphone that brought a “present”  for the Budapest’s travellors  that use the underground as a method of transportation.

The announcement was made by Mr. György Beck, President of the Vodaphone of Hungary: ” In the beginning weeks of 2012 everybody will be able to enjoy the super-fast mobile Internet service. The service won’t only work on the stations, but all along the route of the underground tunnel as well.” He also talk about being in the 21st century and the standards are high. To add the support a 21.6 megabit download speed network ensures to be able to browse and read, write our mails, work a bit in advance or just simply listen to their favorite music back-and-forth through their journey. Spoke about his own experiences traveling on the London’s Underground lines. “There was no connect available, but heard the news that when the time will come for the 2012 Summer Olympics Games in London, the broadband-network will be available throughout the whole Underground routes in London.” Mr. Beck also added with joy, that here in Europe, Hungary is the first to bring alive this kind of Internet connection to people through the Underground transportation.  He was also happy to say there won’t be any extra payments for either of the two lines underground internet service. He has high hopes that many of those who are “addicted” to the Internet world and couldn’t have it in use earlier will now leave their vehicles behind and travel more often by the use of the Underground transportation. So hopefully the roads won’t be so busy as  they are to-day.

Another added information, in New York, the Internet connection only runs at the stations and ain’t any connection through the routes on the underground  tunnels.

Mr. Dávid Vitézy, Chief Executive at the Budapest Transport Center was satisfied with this new development. He expressed, the Internet connection on the underground transportation routes hopefully will be a huge support by making public transport more popular.

The delegate of Huawei Technologies, Mr. Jack Wei  gave a short overview of the company, saying  first their slogan: “To Enrich Life Through Communication”. Huawei is 11 years in Europe  and 5 years in Hungary and is a leading  multinational company that produce mobile, telecommunications  equipments. Huawei is rapidly growing and continuously invests in local markets. The company is based in Chine, but throughout the world is present at 150 countries with 120000 employees. At the end of his speech he wished to add the following: ” I am very happy that we are the first to have had made a joint with the Vodaphone  here in Hungary as to build the 3D service here in its capital, Budapest. Mr. Jack Wei talked about the use  of the super-fast mobil-net in Hong-Kong saying there is an extra “tunnel fee” for the use added to the basic fees called: “tunnel internet”.  The extra payments all goes to the company’s budget for the future’s technical developments.

Update by Aggie Reiter

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