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Mr. Gábor Talmácsi, the great motorcycle racer, the 2007 GP 125cc World Champion  recalls: “As a kid, I use to place my cleaned, shining leather motorcycle boots in my room’s window before heading to my bed and could hardly wait for the next morning to see what Santa Claus brought me” He deeply cherish these long past memories and never forgotten those days. When he was asked to take part in a surprise as to dress up as Santa Clause for the little patients at the”Pal Heim” Children’s Hospital he didn’t hesitate even for a minute. Thanks to co-operating partners Talma’s bags were filled with traditional Xmas packages and toys.

The Tesco Co. was one of the supplies that had offered the Santa Claus gift packs of chrunchy-munchies  to the little patients at the “Pal Heim” Children’s Hospital.

The major offer of goods came from the  Hungrana Ltd., the manufacturer, who delivered  – monitors, printers, laptops, baby scales, blood pressure meter and equipments to be in use for rehabilitation care.

The Hungrana Ltd. also  decided to give a helping hand by the offered E85 biofuel as to support the operation of the institution.

Talma also said: “It was such a heart-warming feeling to see the kids smiling and they seemed happy as I was spending my  time around them and to see in their bright eyes they had forgotten for the time being their difficulties. It was my pleasure to be a part of a good cause and to cheer up these small patients. A little care means a lot to those kids that live in the land of difficulties.”

Yes, to show and to give love doesn’t cost a thing.

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