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The Hot Spirit “Pálinka” are the Queens of this nation.

The plant lays in the southern plains of Békés. 12, Gőzmalom sor – Békés (County of Békés)

Can be visited only by previously made appointments.

The four-storey building was originally built in the 19th century as a Synagogue. To-day it is listed as a monument protected building and gives space for the the World’s first “online” Hot Spirit “Pálinka” Center.  The multi-purpose building beyond the scene of the museum also provides areas to hold conferences, symposiums, training sessions and functions as a meeting facilitiy.  Had been furnished with sixty seats tasting room within the scenaro of the distiller equipment. During the tour the visitors can purchase the Békési Hot Spirit “Pálinka” at its local shop.

The first distilled Békési  Hot Spirit “Pálinka” debuted at the Békési center’s distillery by the technical support of remote control from a distance of 100 kilometer.

The test procedure was the proof of success after the taste of the 40 degree freshly made grape Hot Spirit “Pálinka”. It was made by use of  the Cabernet Franc grapes.

From now on everyone can cook at home their favorite tasty Hot Spirit “Pálinka”. Through the website operated control panel, you can load any of the mash fruit from your cosy kitchen home.

It is up to individuals to adjust their cooking temperature and cook according to their personal taste of  Hot Spirit “Pálinka” and more to it, within this program it provides also the opportunity to invite your friends to your popular community portal and share your experiences with them.

The country’s best, award-winning Békési  Hot Spirit “Pálinka” made of real plum fruit can be tasted at the Centrum’s tasting room.

Mr. Zoltán Békési, the owner of the plant said, that by the end of the year all the services of the Center will be functioning . There will also be a “palinka box” where you may leave your Hot Spirit “Pálinka” to rest over a period of time and subsequently matured later on to be distilled.

The Békési distillery goes back to the time of 1984. The birth of the Békési Hot Spirit “Pálinka” was in 1988. Its operation was then with the “support” of the steam-engine that cooked the Hot Spirit “Pálinka”. The Hot Spirit “Pálinka”  plant quickly expanded beyond its ability to meet the train’s capacity.

To-day the Hot Spirit “Pálinka” and the Railway works can be seen at the exhibition, just 5 mins. walk to the museum from the Békési Center.

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    I have a question regarding the hot spirit Palinka…Is this only available in Hungary or is it exported internationally ???……Thanks

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