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During the morning hours the Trend International – Market Research held a Press Conference  by giving an overview with their update to the present and near past habits of purchasing Hungarian-made chocolate products. The briefing was opened by Mr. Sándor Sánta, President of the Trend International. Statistical data was preformed by Ms. Erika Pintér, Owner and managing director and Ms. Heléna Kovács, Research manager.

Scene: Garden Szimpla “Szimpla Kert” 14. Kazinczy street – Budapest

Mr. Sándor Sánta, first of all,  in general talked about the forthcoming seasons holiday’s Xmas sweets that are so common here in Hungary. The habits of purchasing sweets for Xmas as a gift for the members of our family or friends and buying for ourselves the  bar or two chocos that are out on the market. Even though the winds that swept around the globe with the economic crisis, didn’t miss the land of  Hungary’s economics crisis, yet  the request for the Xmas sweets by the Hungarians were high. The past years the consumers desire changed. They prefer in buying the better quality sweetie than the less expensive ones. During the Xmas season of 2010, a total of 493 tons of chocolate figures were sold. They are pretty popular in Hungary. A great remark of Mr. Sándor Sánta was: ” Some folks open a bottle champagne and some open a bar of dark chocolate” As he said: “I’m in with the second choice.  (I fully agreed with him!)  At the end of Mr. Sánta’s presentation, he said farewell to the press and media audience, after filling a roll for 4 yrs. in the position of being the President at the Trend International Research, but in the future he will stay in this branch filling another position.

(If you look around the World at this time of the year you may see each-and-every country has their own tradition in dressing-up their Xmas trees. Hungary has a long tradition in this field by decorating their trees with specially Hungarian-made sweeties rolled in shiny papers and by hanging them on a string on the branches of the Xmas tree. The parlor candy “szaloncukor” name comes from the way back times of the Habsburg monarchy. The aristocratic’s had their Xmas trees in their entrance hall or i.e. the Salon. The history of that past left, but the name and traditional for the Hungarians remained to  dress up their  Xmas tree’s with parlor candy  “Szaloncukor”.  In the old days the “szaloncukor” was a piece of sweetie of soft hand-made fondant sweet with added flavours of candied sugar).

But those were in the old days in the ’60s, so heading back to to-day’s press conference the parlor candy “szaloncukor” is seen to-day as a Hungaricum.  Around 4 to 5 weeks previously to the holiday season of Xmas, the Hungarians buy about 4000 tons of sweets.  /Hungary maybe a small country geographically, but huge in the love for sweeties/. The Hungarian chocolates have had went through a great change with their flavors, the ingredients, shapes and formations. More-and-more new fillings, flavors have been produce in the parlor candy “szaloncukor”: caramel, coccus, peanuts, “black forest”, chesnuts, fruit jelly, marzipan, rum etc.) The chocolate filled Advent Calender are also very popular.

(The different size of chocolate Santa Claus dress with his usual outfit , the bag of goodies, red color boots all are very common and popular  in Hungary. They are places by the parents inside the window’s ledge on December, 6 for the kids, as a present from the “old lad’ of Lapland.)

Upon the reasearch figures Ms. Erika Pintér said, those customers who made a commitment to purchase the high quality chocos will not turn over to buy the less expensive chocos. Half of the general customers who purchase their everyday’s choco  snacks will most probably look for the cheaper ones, but at the same time won’t give up in looking at the quality at the same time. The figures above were upon the research of when/why/how they buy and eat chocos. In the researches the personally asked individuals at Budapest were in the age between 18-55 and on-line throughout the countryside.

Update and snaps by Aggie Reiter

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  1. Posted by Chris Hanlon on 18/11/2011 at 09:13

    4000 tons of sweets !!!!!!!!…..That is a lot of toothache….It truly is fascinating to get these regular updates from a very accomplished reporter…Thank You

  2. Thank-you for being a regular reader.
    Yes 4000 tons of sweets may sound alot, but this ain’t as much, if ya devide the weight with the number of Hungary’s population. It is a bit under of a total of 10 million individuals and in this figue is the 1day old and the 100 and something old person.
    Anyway the Hungarians have deep love for tasteful sweeties.
    Tks. again!

  3. Posted by Rachel on 01/02/2012 at 13:52

    Having to have read your updated I had to open a bar of dark chocolate. Ate the whole bar. Next time maybe I will have glass or two champagne. Tricky. Great article! Keep it up!

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